Accommodation - For Postgraduate Students (Boys)

Every student is expected to live with his/her parents. A student who wishes to live with someone other than his/her parents should produce a written permission letter signed by his/her parents/guardian that he/she can do so. The name of the relative, his / her occupation, and contact details must be specified.

New Hostel (Boys)

The boys hostel for undergraduate and postgraduate students is known as New Hostel. The hostel accommodates BA/BSc (Hons.) MA/MSc, MPhil/MS and PhD students. For academic year 2019-20, the accommodation facility is limited and available for BA/BSc (Morning), MPhil/MS and PhD students. BA/BSc (Evening) MA/MSc and Diploma/Certificate Programs are not offered admission to the hostel, mainly due to limited space.

Annual Charges For New Hostel
Mess Deposit (refundable) Rs. 8,000
Service Charges Rs. 41,580
Common Room Charges Rs. 600
Library / Reading Room Rs. 600
Magazine Fund / Directory Rs. 600
Maintenance Fund Rs. 1000
Welfare Fund Rs. 780
Admission Fee Rs. 1000
Total Charges Rs. 54,160
Rules & Regulations
  • Hostel admission is offered for one academic year only, extension for another year is based upon good conduct and academic performance.
  • No concession is offered to students in the hostel annual dues.
  • Absence of a student from the hostel for fifteen days or more without a notice will entail cancellation of hostel admission.
  • The hostel will remain closed during the vacations/holidays or when university is closed for two or more days. None is allowed to stay in the hostel during holidays.
  • Hostel gates are closed at 10:00 pm and no student is allowed to enter or leave the hostel after the closure time. Every resident must follow the hostel closing hours; anyone falling short of the discipline in this regard will be strictly dealt with.
  • If any student has to attend any function/party/trip of the University after the closing
  • Visiting hours are from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm. Visitors (even parents) are not allowed to have an overnight stay in the hostel. Violation can entail expulsion.
  • Study period is observed from 10:00 pm until midnight. Every resident is required to be present in his room during the study period, and is not allowed to play games, music etc. during this time. Moreover, students are not permitted to visit each other's rooms during this period.
  • Every resident is expected to be present in his room at the time of attendance.
  • Resident must register his entryto and exit from the hostel at the reception.
  • A boarder must pay his mess dues by the 10th of each month. In case of failure to pay the mess dues, mess facility will not be offered and a fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged for the late payment.
  • Right of residence will be withdrawn in case of failure to pay the hostel dues if those exceed the amount of mess security.
  • A payment of minimum 50% of the monthly mess dues and flXed charges in full is mandatory while a student remains admitted to the hostel.
  • Smoking, drinking, use of liquor and drugs and keeping of weapons, licensed and unlicensed) is strictly prohibited in the hostel and entails expulsion.
  • Each and every part of the hostel premises can be inspected at all hours by the hostel administration.
  • Residents should not keep costly items and excessive cash with them. Hostel administration will not be responsible for any losses.
  • Resident must not damage the hostel properties. Violation would invite the recovery of losses, heavy fine and may even lead to expulsion from the hostel. Security deposit will also be forfeited in this situation.
  • Hostel administration can impose a penalty or expel a boarder in case he fails to keep his room clean and tidy. Moreover, if a room servant does not work or works improperly then it is the responsibility of a boarder to inform the hostel administration.
  • Every boarder is required to observe discipline and maintain brotherhood and tranquility during his stay in the hostel.
  • No one is allowed to misbehave with the administration and employees of the hostel in any situation. Violation may entail expulsion from the hostel.
  • Resident must not disturb or cause inconvenience to other boarders and should ensure peace.
  • Musical instruments are not allowed in the hostel.
  • No political and (religiously) extremist activity is allowed in the hostel. Formation of any form of student associations/unions is also strictly prohibited, and strict action will be taken against boarders found involved in such actMties.
  • In case of expulsion from the hostel due to indiscipline or misconduct, security deposits will be forfeited in full.
  • Residents who have been expelled from the hostel will not be eligible for re-admission.
  • Additional rules and regulations issued from time to time must be fully observed as well.
Guidelines for Compliance
  1. No outsider be allowed to enter the hostel premises.
  2. Strict surveillance and security system be established on all the entry gates to restrict the entry of non-residents.
  3. Strict discipline be maintained amongst the inmates of the hostels and nobody be allowed to destroy precious time of his fellow students on account of political backup or financial or social status.
  4. In case of violation of discipline of the hostel by any student, no hesitation should be felt to strike him off till the time he mends his ways.
  5. Students should not be allowed to take ammunition of any kind in the hostels and in case of involvement of anybody in such act; he may be banned for all the time to come.
  6. Parents of the students be also apprised about the conduct of their children. Further, parents be also bound down to visit the hostel/institution of their children off and on to know about the activities of their children and in case of any deficiency they should take due care and caution.