FAQs for students’ Meeting with the VC on Wednesdays

To understand students’ problems at the ground level, the Vice-Chancellor is delighted to resume the Wednesday meeting session from 9th March 2022, during 9 to 11 am, at the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Here is a list of answers to the frequently asked questions about this session, which the students should refer to.

Answer: The session will be conducted on a first come first serve basis, for a maximum of 15 students per session initially.
Answer: The Vice-Chancellor has no authority to waive off full fee or any part of it. You need to apply for the Financial Aid or the Endowment Fund Scholarship.
Answer: The first point of contact for such matters is your course administrator or the Chairperson. You must pursue those channels first.
Answer: No matter how deserving you are, you will not continue receiving the scholarship if you fail in any course.
Answer: The hostels of GCU are fully occupied and all the admissions are made on merit. The Vice-Chancellor does not have any space to grant you admission in the hostel.
Answer: You may leave the application with the Vice-Chancellor’s office. The university will see what could be done in this respect.