GCU Faculty Mess

Accommodation has always been an acute problem for visitors who come from outside Lahore. GC University Lahore has the distinction of housing maximum number of such visitors. It has taken the initiative to establish Faculty Mess for visiting faculty and officers of the other universities and institutions. Lodging and messing facilities are available in the newly established Faculty Mess.

GCU Faculty Mess is one of the modern and innovative Mess, located inside of GC University Lahore. The guests include government officials from Higher Educational Institutes from Pakistan as well as from abroad. The guests who visit Lahore for academic objectives are provided comfortable hospitality. GCU Faculty Mess is situated at splendid location which attracts the outside guests.

GCU’s Faculty Mess is an attractive Hostel in the heart of the city- Lahore. We provide luxurious accommodation in the beautiful University’s premises. The Varsity’s Faculty Mess is not only the hub of traditional luxuries but also the blend of modern values that enhance its grace and attraction. We offer you comfortable and luxurious suites. All rooms are comfortable. You will feel right at home where we offer our services via highly seasoned staff who are trained with respect to customer handling with positive behavior and satisfactory services. Double bed rooms and single bed rooms are available for the guests.

All visitors and guests will be registered at the time of occupancy and fill the requisition form and sign it as well as in the check in register at the Reception Desk. They will be required to attach a copy of NIC or Passport with the form.

If any guest visits walks on basis, he may utilize the facility of GCU Faculty Mess on the spot by contacting to the Faculty Mess Staff if required rooms are vacant.

Payment for stay will be made in advance in cash (Minimum Deposit Rs. 3000/-) at the reception before occupying the room and receipt will be issued for that.

Payment for meals will be made at the time of meals served. Departments/Societies can make payments through requisition slips endorsed by the Treasurer.

Booking can be made at 4 days prior notice. Departments, institutions and guests who want to get booking in advance will send the names and addresses of all the guests along-with the request via Mail or Email at the following address:

Secretary, Faculty Mess,
GC University,
Katchery Road Lahore 54000.

Room charges will be as follows:
  • Rs. 1500/- per night for single bed.
  • Rs. 2000/- per night for double bed.
  • Rs. 2500/- per night for triple bed.
Faculty members from abroad:
  • Rs. 20,000 per month (from October to March)
  • Rs. 30,000 per month (from April to September)

Meal charges will be charged separately and paid in cash at the time of service.


Drinking and keeping of liquor, drugs and weapons, licensed and unlicensed, are strictly prohibited.


Check out time will be 12:00 noon.


The GCU Faculty Mess is ready to answer any questions you might have about facilities. Our contact information is as following:

Address: Faculty Mess GC University, Katchery Road Lahore: 54000
Reservation/Info: + 92 (42) 37241829, 99213370
UAN: 111-000-010 Ext: 254, 460
Fax: +92-42-37241829