Admissions at GCU

Why GCU?

At GCU, we recognize the significance of an increasingly globalized world, and we ensure that our students are equipped with relevant skills to meet its ever-changing needs.

  • We offer a high level of training in foreign languages such as French, Persian, Arabic and Chinese, which gives our students an added edge in today's multi-cultural context.
  • Our students are encouraged to acquire diverse communication skills.
  • GCU invites international scholars, experts, and scientists regularly to seminars and conferences that provide a platform for sharing knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.

Our faculty consists of scholars who are active researchers in their own right, and are chosen for their excellence as

teachers and academics. Reputed academics of renowned global universities are invited to teach students and share their inspiring experiences with tomorrow's generation.

Our excellent faculty ensures that students' academic experiences are of the highest standard, and our graduates are a testament to this commitment. We offer:

  • Subject experts to provide personalized guidance through regular contact hours
  • Collaborative learning experience with modern teaching and learning resources
  • Development of critical thinking by encouraging questioning spirit
  • Rigorous and challenging assignments and projects

GCU has a policy on supporting academic freedom where equal opportunities are given to students and teachers to choose, conduct and talk freely about their area of research interest. Faculty and students are encouraged to undertake research in all fields, and we provide excellent electronic and laboratory resources to ensure that our research meets international standards.

Our merit-based admissions ensure that the best students from across various regions are able to study together at GCU.
We aim to produce students who can meet any challenge, and recognize the importance of the ability to act independently.