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Dementia awareness, beliefs and barriers among family caregivers in Pakistan
Author: Sara Balouch, Asghar Zaidi, Nicolas Farina, Rosalind Willis
Published in : First Published March 29, 2020
Attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about dementia: focus group discussions with Pakistani adults in Karachi and Lahore.
Author: Nicolas Farina,Asghar Zaidi, Rosalind Willis and Sara Balouch
Published in : Published online by Cambridge University Press: 18 July 2019
How policy configurations matter: a critical look into pro-natal policy in South Korea based on a gender and family framework
Author: Kun Lee , Asghar Zaidi
Published in : International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
Wellbeing of Older People in Iran: An Application of the Global AgeWatch Index
Author: Majid Koosheshi, Asghar Zaidi, Kambiz Kabiri
Published in : ?Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities
Extending the Active Ageing Index to Hong Kong Using a Mixed-Method Approach: Feasibility and Initial Results
Author: Doreen W. H. Au1 & Jean Woo & Asghar Zaidi
Published in : Journal of Population Ageing (2020)
Trends and Inequality in the New Active Ageing and Well-Being Index of the Oldest Old: a Case Study of Sweden
Author: Johan Fritzell & Carin Lennartsson & Asghar Zaidi
Published in : Journal of Population Ageing (2020)
Short and Long Run Influence of Energy Utilization and Economic Growth on Carbon Discharge in Emerging SREB Economies
Authors: Yang, Z.; Abbas, Q.; Hanif, I; Alharthi, M.; Taghizadeh-Hesary, F.; Aziz, B. & Mohsin, M.
Published in March 2021 Renewable Energy,
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.renene.2020.10.141, IF 6.274
The Nexus of Environmental degradation, Technology Innovation and Adoption: An Experience from Dragon
Authors: Xinmin, W.; Hui, P.; Hafeez, M.; Aziz, B.; Akbar, M. W.; & Mirza, M. A.
Published in July 08, 2020 Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health,
https://doi.org/10.1007/s11869-020-00868-w, IF 3.111
An Investigation into Fuel Demand Elasticities and Economies of Scale in Pakistan
Authors: Aziz, B.; Iqbal, Z.; & Amin, A.
Published in May 05, 2020 FWU Journal of Social Sciences
Impact of Urbanization, Economic Growth and Population Size on Residential Carbon Emissions in the SAARC Countries
Authors: Anser, M. K.; Alharthi, M.; Aziz, B.; & Wasim, S.
Published in March 13, 2020 Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy,
https://doi.org/10.1007/s10098-020-01833-y, IF 2.599
Measuring Low Carbon Energy and Environmental Sustainability Performance of BRICS
Authors: Li, H.; Bhatti, Z.; Abbas, Q.; Ahmad, I.; Iqbal, N.; & Aziz, B.
Published in 2020 Singapore Economic Review,
https://doi.org/10.1142/S0217590820500617, IF 0.58
Carbon Emissions across the Spectrum of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Use in Developing Economies of Asia
Authors: Hanif, I.; Aziz, B.; & Chaudhary I. S.
Published in December 2019 Renewable Energy,
https://doi.org/10.1016/j.renene.2019.05.032, IF 6.274
An Empirical Evaluation of Financial Development-Carbon Footprint Nexus on One Belt and Road Region
Authors: Hafeez, M.; Yuan, C.; Shahzad, K.; Aziz, B.; Iqbal, K; & Raza, S.
Published in June 27, 2019 Environmental Science and Pollution Research,
https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-019-05757-z, IF 3.306
A Multidimensional Measure of Quality of Life: Pakistan’s Context
Authors: Ihsan, N. & Aziz, B.
Published in February 28, 2019 Social Indicators Research,
https://doi.org/10.1007/s11205-018-1903-6, IF 2.339
Numerical investigation with stability analysis of time-fractional Korteweg-de Vries equation
Authors: Saif Ullah , Azhar Iqbal Kashif Butt , Anum Aish Buhader
Published in : 15 May 2020,Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (Impact Factor: 1.626)
A higher-order unconditionally stable scheme for the solution of fractional diffusion equation
Authors: Fazal Ghaffar , Saif Ullah , Noor Badshah , Najeeb Alam Khan
Published in : 14 April 2020,Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (Impact Factor: 1.626)
Multigrid method with eighth-order compact finite difference scheme for Helmholtz equation
Authors: Fazal Ghaffar , Saif Ullah , Noor Badshah
Published in :05 March 2020,Physica Scripta (Impact Factor: 1.958)
Study of free convective unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow of Oldroyd-B fluid in the presence of chemical reaction
Authors: Saif Ullah , Kareem Akhtar , Nadeem Alam Khan and Mehwish Mubarik
Published in : 06 July 2020, Advances in Mechanical Engineering (Impact Factor: 1.161)
Physical activity, sports participation, and smartphone addiction in adolescent students: a systematic review
Authors: Muhammad Azam, Asif Ali, Jawairiya Mattiullah, Nargis Perveen
Published in : Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies
Metabolite profiling and antidiabetic attributes of ultrasonicated leaf extracts of Conocarpus lancifolius
Authors: Syed Ali Raza , Ayoub Rashid Chaudhary, Muhammad Waseem Mumtaz , Ahmad Adnan , Hamid Mukhtar , Muhammad Tayyab Akhtar
Published in : Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. Impact Factor 1.60 JCR 2019 and 1.9 JCR 2020.
Fuzzy-Based Approach Using IoT Devices for Smart Home to Assist Blind People for Navigation
Author: Shahzadi tayyaba, Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, Thamer Alquthami, Zubair Ahmad, Saher manzoor.
Published in : Multim. Tools Appl. 78(2): 2073-2104 (2019)
Baba Farid's Hymns in Granth Sahib with Qur'anic Backdrop: A Review
Author: Khurshid Ahmad Qadri
Published in : Al-Milal: Journal of Religion and Thought (AMJRT)
Optimization of enhanced microbial production of Zinc bacitracin by submerged fermentation technology
Author: Ali Hassan, Shaukat Ali, Muhammad A. Farooq, Hafiz M. Tahir, Muhammad U. Awan, Tafail A. Mughal
Published in : Journal of Basic Microbiology, July 01, 2020
Probing the electronic structure and magnetism in Ni doped ZnTe: A DFT modeling and experiment
Author: Q. Mahmood, G. Murtaza, G. Ali, M. Hassan, Eman Algrafy, b, M.S. Shahid, Nessrin A. Kattan, A. Laref
Published in : Journal of Alloys and Compounds, April 2020
Theoretical investigation of the structural stabilities, optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties of ternary alloys NaInY2 (Y=S, Se and Te) through modi ed Becke Johnson exchange potential
Author: Muhammad Shahzad Yaseen, G. Murtaza and G. Murtaza
Published in : International Journal of Modern Physics B
Ontology-driven semantic unified modelling for concurrent activity recognition (OSCAR).
Author: Mehtab Ahmed
Published in : Multim. Tools Appl. 78(2): 2073-2104 (2019)