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Telephone Directory

The main contacts for the University are detailed below:

Contact Address GC University 
Katchery Road,
Lahore Postal Code: 54000 Pakistan.
Working Hours
Cell: 03004011487
NTC: 99213357 - 62
Other than Working Hours

Please search here your desire contact:
Designation Name
Tel/Fax Department
Vice ChancellorE-Mail: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Adnan 201 99213335, 99213336 VC Office
Staff Officer Mr. Muhammad Irfan Mubasher Hashmi 202 99213335, 99213336 VC Office
P.A. to V.C. Mr. Ghulam Shabir 203 Fax (VC)99213337 VC Office
V.C. Secretariat 204 - VC Office
Dean, Faculty Languages, Islamic &
Oriental Learning
Prof. Dr. Sultan Shah 352 99213346 Dean Office
Dean, Faculty of Chemistry & Life Sciences Prof Dr. Ahmad Adnan 262 99213338 Dean Office
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz 277 Dean Office
Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir 299 99211637 Dean Office
Dean Office, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Imran Khan (Office Secretary) 303 99211637 Dean Office
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences/ National Center of Mathematics 68-B, New Muslim Town, Lahore 4600
Ph: +92 42 99231189
Fax: +92 42 35864946
Director General Ph: 99231189


Registrar Dr. Shaukat Ali 206 Ph:99213340, Fax:99213341 Registrar Office
P.A. to Registrar Mr. Imran Haider(Office Secretary) 207 Registrar Office
Additional Registrar (Academic) 208 99214362 Registrar Office
Additional Registrar (A & E) Mr. Tahir Mahmood 212 99213348 Registrar Office
Deputy Registrar (Admissions) Mr. Asif Sadiq 340 37360442 Admissions Office
Deputy Registrar (TTS) Ms. Uzma Rafique 208 Registrar Office
Deputy Registrar (Academics) 211 Registrar Office
Deputy Registrar (Confidential) Ms. Rukhsana Rashid 325,372 Registrar Office
Deputy Registrar Ms. Uzma Sakhi 340 Admissions Office
Assistant Registrar (Estt.) 380 Registrar Office
Computer Section Muhammad Amir Khan, Muhammad Ramzan 220 Registrar Office
Inquiry Clerk (Admissions) 210 Admissions Office
Meeting Room 213 99213353 Registrar Office
Director Information Technology Dr. -Ing. Ali Asif (Look After Charge) 218 Directorate I.T. / DIT
System Analyst Ms. Amber Nosheen 217 Directorate I.T. / DIT / System Analyst Office
System Analyst Mr. Mehtab Ahmed Rai 218 Directorate I.T. / DIT / LMS
Server Room Mr. M. Faisal Saeed 271 Directorate I.T. / DIT
Director Intermediate Studies Mr. Muhammad Siddique Ahmad Awan 341 37360475 Intermediate Studies Office
Treasurer Mr. Abid Shahzad Aslam 214 99213378 Treasurer Office
Additional Treasurer Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan 215 - Treasurer Office
Deputy Treasurer Mr. Mubashar Ahmad 390 - Treasurer Office
Deputy Treasurer Mr. Waqas Khan 389 - Treasurer Office
Deputy Treasurer Mr. Abdul Bilal Majeed 391 - Treasurer Office
Assistant Treasurer
(Financial Aid)
Mr. Abdul Malik Bhatti 216 99213515 Treasurer Office/Financial Aid
Fee Section Mr. Muhammad Afzaal 219 Treasurer Office
Controller of Examinations Mr. Shahzad Ahmed 221 F-99213345 Examination Dept.
Additional Controller Ms. Huma Tariq 223 Examination Dept.
Deputy Controller Mr. Muhammad Awais Maqsood 224 Examination Dept.
Deputy Controller Mr. Shahbaz Akmal 291 Examination Dept.
Assistant Controller Ms. Sana Fatima 222 Examination Dept.
Exam. Inquiry Mr. Muhammad Imtiaz 225 Examination Dept.
Resident Auditor - 383 99213368 Audit Office
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Muhammad Qaiser Khan 384 - Audit Office
Chief Librarian Mr. Muhammad Naeem 246 99213350 Library
PG Library(Arts Hall) Ms. Samreen Lateef 381 99213349 Library
Law Library Mr. Khurram Shahzad 382 Library
Main Library Dr. Muhammad Tufail Khan 243 Library
PG Library (Science Hall) Mr. Naveed Anwar 245 Library
Main Library (English Hall) 244 - Library
Campus Engineer Prof. Dr. Engr. Abdullah Yasar 226 99213366 Engineering Cell
Project Engineer Shahid Hussain Abro 99213334 Engineering Cell
Assistant Engineers Mr. Nadeem AhmadMr. Zulfiqar Ahmad 227 99213376 Engineering Cell
Assistant Engineer Mr. Malik Abdul Rauf, Mr. Asif Ali Zaidi 228 Engineering Cell
Sub Engineer (Elect) Sr. Cad Operator Mr. Saqib, Mr. M. Shoaib Saddiqui 229 Engineering Cell
Office Assistant Engineering Cell
Complaint office Mr. Faraz Shafique (Sub Engineer AC & Plumbing) 230 Engineering Cell
Complaint Afternoon (Workshop) 231 Engineering Cell
U.W.C 247 Engineering Cell
Director Purchase Mr. Muhammad Usman 356 99213578 Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
Assistant Registrar Mr. Shoaib Akram 363 - Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
Superintendent Mr. Muhammad Dilnawaz 362 - Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
Main Store Unit Mr. Amjad Abbas 237 Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
Stationery Store Unit Mr. Muhammad Bilal 367 Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
ID card Unit Mr. Sajid Mushtaq 362 Directorate of Purchase & Inventory Management
Director (Research) ORIC Prof. Dr. Faiza Sharif 301 99214601 ORIC
Assistant Director Ms. Shamsa Kanwal 364 ORIC
Director Academic Planning & External Links Ms. Fouzia Shahin 334 99214593 AP & EL
Director Facilities Dr. Abid Naeem 232 99213347 Facilities
Deputy Director Facilities 366 99214599 Facilities
Sr. Protocol Officer Mr. Sohail Iqbal 235 99214600 Facilities
Estate Officer Mr. Sajjad Haider 233 Facilities
Security Officer Muhammad Anwar 234 99210836 Facilities
Transport Officer Chief. Warrant Officer (Retd.) Akhyar Sabir 236, 378 Facilities
CCTV / Security Control Room 385 Facilities
Main Gate 238 Facilities
Science Block Gate 239 Facilities
Urdu Bazar Gate 240 Facilities
Bokhari Hall 242 Facilities
Chemistry Block Gate 369 Facilities
Director Sports Mr. Muhammad Waseem Akhtar 296 99213352 Sports
In-charge Physical Education Dr. Muhammad Asif 298 Sports
Sports Office 297 Sports
Director Planning & Development Dr. Syed Yasir Mahmood Gillani 248 F-99213356 P & D
Monitoring Officer Mr. Faisal Mushtaq 348 P & D
Planning Officer Ms. Naila Naeem 371 P & D
Director QEC Prof. Dr. Hamid Mukhtar 328 99213602, Fax 99214595 QEC
Deputy Director QEC Ms. Farah Naz 249 QEC
Assistant Director QEC Ms. Amina Tariq QEC
Advisor Student's Affairs (ASA) Mr. Muhammad Siddique Ahmad Awan 317 Student Affairs
Campus Counselor Ms. Ayesha Majeed Counselor

Placement Officer & Careers Guidance

Mr. Sufian Ahmad Bajar 377 99214594 Placement Center
Chief Proctor Mr. Shahid Mirza 368 99213368 Proctor
Senior Public Relations Officer Mr. Mussadiq Sultan 251 99213343 PRO
Program Officer (Music) 250 Program Officer
Youth Development Center M. Mubashir Hussain 373 Youth Development Center (YDC)
Land Office 374 Land office
Old Ravians Union Office Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim 252 99213373 ORU
Endowment Fund Office 393 99210555 EFT
Medical Officer (Male) Dr. Malik Shamim Ahmad 329 Clinic
In-charge University General Time Table Mr. Inam-ul-Haq 313 Time Table
Mehboob ul Haq Society 338 Society
Secy. Proctorial Board Muhammad Mussafa Butt 346 Porctorial Board
U I M L (CASP) 99210938, Ext. 30 CASP
Artificial Intelligence Chairperson Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Raza Kazmi 292 Artificial Intelligence
Botany Chairperson Dr. Uzma Hanif 257 99213375 Botany
Prof. Emeritus Dr. Khalid Hameed Sheikh 347 Botany
Botanical Garden Mr. Zafar Saddique 357 Botany
Office 260, 358 Botany
Centre for Advance Studies in Physics (CASP) - Director Office Dr. Naveed Afzal 99211589, 37311224(FAX) CASP
Office Secretary Ms. Farah Shahzadi 99210938 CASP
Prof. R. M. Chair 99210576 Chair
Clinical Psychology Unit In-charge Dr. Mahwesh Arooj Naz 343 99213499 Clinical Psychology
Office 344 Clinical Psychology
Chemistry Chairperson Prof Dr. Ahmad Adnan 262 99213338 Chemistry
Nano Lab 263 Chemistry
Dept. Controller of Exam. Chemistry Mr. Ayoub Rashid Ch. 266 Chemistry
Materials Chem Lab Dr. M. Jahangir Chemistry
Chem Lab 379 Chemistry
Office Mr. Tariq Aziz/Hanif 266 Chemistry
Commerce & Finance In-Charge Dr. Ali Raza Elahi 278 99214983 Commerce & Finance
Office 354 Commerce & Finance
Computer Sciences Chairperson Prof. Dr. Muhammad Waqas Anwar 268 99213355 Computer Sciences
Associate Professor Dr. Awais Qasim 270 Computer Sciences
Departmental Examination Cell 272 Computer Sciences
Office 269 Computer Sciences
Electrical Engineering Chairperson Engr. Prof. Dr. Nasir Khan 365 99212817 Electrical Engineering
English Chairperson Dr. Sajjad Ali Khan 274 99213024 English
Office 276 English
French Mr. Malik Arshad Mahmood 326 French
Economics Chairperson Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz 277 99214597 Economics
Assistant Professor 279 Economics
Professors' Room 386 Economics
Professor's Room 387 Economics
Office Mr. Shabban Ali 280 Economics
Fine Arts Chairperson Muhammad Zafar Iqbal 331 Fine Arts
International Relations Chairperson Dr. Ahmed Raza Khan 311 International Relations / IR
Office 311 International Relations / IR
International Relations 283 International Relations / IR
Center of Excellence China Studies 284 International Relations / IR
Law Chairperson Dr. Abida Hassan 339 Law
Office 337 Law
Institute of Industrial Biotechnology - Director Office Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nauman Aftab 258 99211634 Biotechnology
Prof. Emeritus Prof. Dr. Ikram-ul-Haq (SI) 247 Biotechnology
Secretary 259 Biotechnology
Islamic Studies Chairperson Dr. Muhammad Farooq Haider 286 99213354 Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies Office 314 - Islamic Studies
Management Studies Chairperson Dr. M. Amaad Uppal 288 99213351, Fax: 99213569 MSD
Liaison Office 289 MSD
TA's Office 281 MSD
Programme Management Office 290 MSD
Office 287 MSD
Mathematics Chairperson Dr. Mujahid Abbas 291 99213365 Mathematics
Office 293 Mathematics
Persian Chairperson Dr. Babar Naseem Assi 294 99214598 Persian
Office 295 Persian
Director of Institute of Physics Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir 299 99211637 Physics
Physics Plasma Lab Prof. Dr. Salamat Ali 302 Physics
Assistant Professor Dr. Nouman Sarwar Qureshi 323 Physics
Office Secretary Mr. Imran Khan 303 Physics
Political Science Chairperson Dr. Fouzia Ghani 304 99214596 Political Science
351 Political Science
Assistant Professor 305 Political Science
Office Mr. Imran Raza 306 Political Science
Philosophy In-Charge Mr. Yasir Sultan 241 99213459 Philosophy
Office 361 Philosophy
Psychology Chairperson Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 307 99211596 Psychology
Publication Cell Mrs. Amina Tarar 308 Psychology
Research Assistant Ms. Mariam Tahira 336 Psychology
Computer Lab Mr. Yasir Farooq Psychology
Office Ms. Amna Butt 309 Psychology
Punjabi Chairperson Prof. Dr. Saeed Khawar Bhutta 350 - Punjabi
Office Mr. Qurban Ali Malik 359 - Punjabi
Salam Chair in Physics Dr. G. Murtaza 310 99212245 Salam Chair
Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad 370 Salam Chair
Software Engineering Chairperson Dr. Muhammad Safyan 270 Software Engineering
Sustainable Development Study Center (SDSC) ) - Director Office Prof. Dr. Faiza Sharif 256 99213698 SDSC
SDSC Professor Prof. Dr. Engr. Abdullah Yasar 335 SDSC
Project Manager Dr. Waqas-ud-din Khan 37321094 SDSC
SDSC Lab & Office Mr. Rashid Mehmood 332 SDSC
Urdu Chairperson Dr. Saima Iram 315 99213339 Urdu
Senior Visiting Professor. Dr. Saadat Saeed 316 Urdu
Office Secretary 318 Urdu
Zoology Chairperson Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir 319 Zoology
Visiting Faculty Prof. Dr. Nusrat Jahan Z-10 B Lab 330 Zoology
Associate Professor Mr. Abdul Qayyum Khan 321 Zoology
Distinguished Professor Prof. Dr. Aziz-ullah 320 Zoology
Office 322 Zoology
Quaid-e-Azam Hostel Superintendent
Muhammad Usman
254 99213370 Hostel
New Hostel Superintendent
Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz
- 99210679 Hostel
Iqbal Hostel Superintendent
Dr. Syed Yasir Mahmood Gillani
253 99213369 Hostel
Girls Hostel Superintendent
Prof. Dr. Tehreema Iftikhar
- 99210592, 99212718 Hostel
Faculty Guest House Convener
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Shahid
9921887 Faculty Guest House
In-charge Telephone Exchange Javed Ashraf (Sub-Engineer) 345 99213363 Telephone Exchange
Telephone Line man Atif Mehmood, Hafiz Waseem 200, 9 Telephone Exchange