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HEC Plagiarism Policy

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has implemented anti-plagiarism policy in higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country. The purpose of implementing this policy is to develop a culture of production of original research in the research institutes. In this connection, HEC took the subscription of iThenticate anti-plagiarism software in 2007 and implemented it its recognized institutes. iThenticate was soon replaced with Turnitin anti-plagiarism and implemented in 2008.

Implementation of Turnitin in Government College University Lahore

Government College University administration has nominated Dr. Hafiz Muhamaad Tahir, Professor of Zoology, as Focal Person (Turnitin). The University has given the responsibility to him of issuing certificate to the research works as plagiarism free. In this context, M.Phil. and Ph.D. dissertations and faculty research publications are bound to get plagiarism free certificate before their submission in the University. Department Focal Person is responsible to issue plagiarism free certificates to BS students. To make this process convenient, Turnitin accounts have been created for faculty members. Research scholars can contact to their supervisor to pass through their research work from Turnitin before applying for final certificate.

Report Regarding Students’ Maneuvering of Thesis Submitted For Anti-Plagiarism Check

  • A number of MPhil/PhD scholars have been found using false tactics to maneuver the thesis they submit for Turnitin software checking. It has been found that students used to replace some paragraphs of their own thesis (which they are sure, not plagiarized) with the paragraphs they have plagiarized to meet the required word length of the thesis. In certain cases the supervisor found completely unaware regarding such practices of the students.
  • Therefore, to regulate such malpractices of the students, the academic departments are instructed to please send an email through the official account of the departmental Focal Person (Turnitin) and copy email to relevant Chairperson and student’s supervisor. This email sent by the Departmental Focal Person should contain the following information and details:
  • a. The name of the student, roll number, his/her academic program and session, name of the department and the title of the thesis.
  • b. The version of the thesis that the supervisor has finally approved as an attachment in MS-Word or PDF file format only.
  • c. The email should be sent on the email address i.e.

  • The supervisors of MPhil and PhD research work are requested to critically observe the final version of the thesis before submission as they are the only one who can qualitatively evaluate the text of the thesis for any attempt of plagiarism. Turnitin software can only provide an account of similar text between two documents and cannot judge text qualitatively.
  • With this measure the Turnitin Office will be able to directly contact the supervisor if it found discrepancies generated by the student and can keep the supervisor well informed.
  • To View the Detail SOPs regarding Plagiarism; Click on the following button.

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