Planning and Development

GC University Lahore is a modern, demand-driven, futuristic, quality conscious and affordable public sector university. The University wishes to build its future through internationally recognized research work, scholarship and learning within a distinctive scholarly environment.

The Planning and Development Department is a backbone of the University which plays a fundamental and vital role in its growth and development. The role of Planning & Development Department is to assess the current and future needs for physical and academic infrastructure and HR needs and prepare plans accordingly. The Planning & Development Department of the University was established in 2000 as per guidelines of Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. The Department works under the supervision, guidance and leadership of the Vice Chancellor and University statutory bodies.

  • The department objectives are in line with the objectives of various program of the Government as envisioned in Vision 2025, Education policy and Higher Education Commission development agenda which emphasis on for provision of an environment conducive to quality education in all higher education institutions.
  • The main objective of the Department is to follow long term Vision 2025/Medium Term Development Frame Work (MTDF), Government of Pakistan for promoting integrated planning and development processes and activities at University.
  • Vision 2025 Pillar-I emphasized Developing Human and Social Capital.
  1. It aims at substantial expansion in levels of education as well as improvement in the quality of education.
  2. Another objective is to improve the physical facilities and increase the output of professional and technical institutions.