Prof Ahmad Shah (Patras) Bokhari The Department of English Language and Literature enjoys the distinction of being the oldest Postgraduate Department of English in the country. It was established in 1873. It was at first affiliated with Calcutta University and later with the University of the Punjab.

English is acknowledged worldwide as the sole medium of international communication and information. The various programs offered by the Department aim to produce empowered learners with strong oral and written skills which will help them fulfill there economic and socio-cultural needs and also inculcate a creative, analytical and reflective bend of mind which enables them to think independently and critically.

Some of the great names in the country have been associated with the department as students and teachers. Among them is the legendary Prof Ahmad Shah (Patras) Bokhari, student, teacher and later Principal of the  Prof. Siraj-ud-Din College. Prof Bokhari wrote authoritatively on such diverse topics as Indian music and dancing, books and culture. His collection of humorous essays in Urdu is a classic of its kind. Prof Siraj-ud-Din, who headed the department for many years, also enjoys a legendary status. An inspiring teacher of English, he influenced many generations of students who still cherish his fond memory. Other eminent teachers, scholars and writers who have been associated with the Department are Dr. Imdad Hussain, Dr. A. H. Khayal and Prof. Jilani Kamran.

French Department is attached with the Department of English