Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC)
- Environmental Science
- Gender and Climate Change


Sustainable Development Study Centre is working as an interdisciplinary setup with other Departments . The center is currently focusing on research activity encompassing sustainable livelihoods, environmental management and community development in Pakistan with national attention drawn to the problems of environmental degradation and related issues. It is hoped that SDSC will help to pioneer a new trend for applied research emerging from academia to influence policy makers in the area of socioeconomic development. In addition the center has established linkage with other institutions of higher learning in environmental research. The center has designed interdisciplinary courses and research to overcome the trust deficit between policy makers and academia.

The Objectives of SDSC are to:
  • Address Pakistan’s sustainability issues with innovative, integrated, collaborative, and trans-disciplinary research.
  • Mobilize S&T for managing boundaries between knowledge and action.
  • Enhance postgraduate teaching in the emerging field of sustainability science with emphasis on critical analyses and thinking.
  • Build capacity to develop SDSC as a center of excellence on sustainability research and teaching at national and International level.
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