Treasurer Office

The Office of the Treasurer has the primary responsibility for management of the university’s financial assets and liabilities. The Treasurer’s Office has sole responsibility for all traditional treasury finance functions of the GC University Lahore. The Treasurer’s Office have additional responsibilities for check production along with payroll deduction disbursements. This office also handles the applications related to deposit of fee, late submission of fee, refund of securities, payment of fine, duplicate semester result, thesis extension, convocation registration and gown security.

GC University Lahore has achieved pay scale equity by Basic Pay Scale structure of Government of the Punjab, which ensure no gender pay gaps exists in our University. Further, our University pays its faculty and staff as per the approved pay scales of the Punjab Government, which is completely aligned with Least wage rates for living, define as the local living wage.


The Treasurer shall be a whole time officer of the University appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the Government on such terms and conditions as the Chancellor may determine. The Treasurer shall:

  • manage the property, the finances and the investments of the University;
  • prepare the annual and revised budget estimates of the University and present them to the Finance and Planning Committee and the Syndicate;
  • ensure that the funds of the University are expended on the purposes for which they are provided;
  • perform such other duties as may be prescribed; and
  • be the Secretary of the Finance and Planning Committee.
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    Meet the Team
    Abid Shahzad Aslam
    Muhammad Sarwar Khan
    Additional Treasurer
    Mubashar Ahmad
    Deputy Treasurer
    Muhammad Imran Khan
    Deputy Treasurer
    Abdul Bilal Majeed
    Deputy Treasurer
    Waqas Khan
    Deputy Treasurer
    Sohail Nawaz Khan
    Assistant Treasurer
    Raza Meer
    Assistant Treasurer
    Abdul Malik Bhatti
    Assistant Treasurer
    Muhammad Tayyab Kaleem
    Assistant Treasurer
    Sagheer Ahmad
    Assistant Treasurer