Academic Planning and External Links

About Us

Established in 2006, Academic Planning & External Links (APEL) is an integral part of the university working towards achieving its mission and strategic objectives in line with the GCU Vision and Development Strategy (2005-2020). APEL office facilitates the development of new academic departments, programs and courses in the University. It also administers implementation and review of current academic programs. For this, it mainly focuses on evaluating the academic system of the University with reference to admissions, teaching and learning environment, assessment and examination systems, research activities etc. We function in coordination with the deans, the chairpersons of academic departments, and other administrative offices of the University. In addition to academic enhancements, our office is also responsible for creating multifarious pedagogical and research opportunities on national and international level for the University's growth by forming external links with intellectual and industrial organizations. This twofold functioning in academic development offers APEL office a key place in GCU's long term sustainability as leading public institute for higher education in Pakistan.

Our Mission

APEL is committed to improving academic standards of the University by integrated academic planning and generative national and international strategic partnerships for development of our students and faculty.

How do we Function?

Our work begins from core activity of teaching and learning in our classrooms. The feedback travels through departmental co-coordinators to respective chairpersons to the deans and finally to our office. Response from the classrooms therefore is vital for our functioning. Apart from this, we also welcome need based as well as innovative ideas directly proposed by the faculty members, chairpersons and the deans. Once we receive a problem, demand, or proposals of academic nature, we promptly operate to review it & accelerate administrative processes in coordination with other administrative offices to facilitate the academic department. In case of a request for collaboration with other institutes, our office is the sole mediator between GCU and other organizations.