Office of The Registrar

The Registrar office plays a part as a regulator within the University, assisting in the interpretation and application of Regulations and other rules and guidelines. These help everyone to know where they are, and ensure fair treatment for all. The office shares with many other parts of the University a balancing function in relation to these rights and responsibilities.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in the University, from the time of registration to graduation. It also helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies; as well as provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community.

The University guarantee equivalent rights of workers, no discrimination in the work place (including discrimination based on religion, sexuality, gender, age) and is committed to no forced labour, no modern slavery, no human trafficking and no child labour.

Registrar’s Office also supports the following activities: maintenance and publication of curricula; class and examination timetabling; new student registration; student financial aid, 
Who are the Registrar's office customers or stakeholders?

Within the University Outside the University
Current students of the University Potential applicants, their administrators, schools, colleges,
Academic staff of the University Other universities
Academic departments  
Other administrative &  services departments Employers
Committees of the University Government & attached departments or agencies

(1) The Registrar shall be a whole time officer of the University and shall be appointed by the Chancellor on the recommendations of the Government which shall consider for this purpose a panel of three persons recommended by a Search Committee appointed by the Syndicate and headed by the Vice-Chancellor on such terms and conditions as it may determine.

(2) Under the general supervision of the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar shall 

  1. be the custodian of the Common Seal and the academic records of the University;
  2. maintain a register of Registered Graduates in the prescribed manner;
  3. conduct elections of members to the various authorities in the prescribed manner;
  4. be the Secretary of the Syndicate, the Academic Council, Advanced Studies and Research Board, the Selection Board and such other Committees. as may be prescribed; and
  5. perform such other duties as may be specified by the Vice- Chancellor and other authorities from time to time.

In addition the Registrar is responsible for the Intra-departmental co-ordination, Inter-departmental co-ordination and Inter-sectoral co-ordination.
Registrar is also the Secretary of the statuaries bodies, and Chairman of various committees’ constituted from time to time.

  • To facilitate the meetings of the following Committees:-
    • Academic Council
    • Academic Committee
    • Board of Studies
    • Advance Studies & Research Board
  • To act as focal person for:-
    • National Internship Programme
    • NAVTEC
    • NTS
    • Higher Education Commission
    • SFAO
  • To look after the Staff of Academic Section and Computer Section.
  • To coordinate with all Academic Departments and to conduct official correspondence on academic matters.
  • To process Ph.D. admissions
  • To look after advertisements in daily Newspapers.
  • To look after Honours and Award system.
  • To assist the Registrar in preparation of GCU Calendar.
  • To plan the schedule for admission to F.A/F.Sc. 1st year, B.A/B.Sc. (Hons) 3rd year, M.Sc. Part-I / M.S / M.Phil Part-I Programme.

To supervise:

  • The change of subjects / group as per rules / policy.
  • The Printing of prospectus for new session with necessary amendments

    • To deal with the for admissions (F.A/F.Sc 1st year, B.A/B.Sc (Hons) 3rd year, M.Sc. Part-I / M.S / M. Phil Part-I Programme)
    • To maintain the record of admitted students of F.A/F.Sc, B.A/B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc & M. Phil Programme
    • To supervise of the staff of Admission/Enquiry Branch
    • To assist the Registrar in official/legal matters
    • To prepare the list of struck-off students
    • To prepare the list of students restored/re-admitted
    • To supervise the preparation of GCU Timetable
      (in collaboration with Incharge Timetable)
    • To sanction leave / duty leave
    • To maintain attendance record.
    • To deal with the migration process
    • To deal with the registration.
    • To make correction of name, date of birth & marks as per revised result cards/certificate issued by the concerned Board/University
    • To supervise change of residential address of the students
    • To supervise cases of students relating to cancellation of admission on the report of concerned Board/University after verification
    • To supervise cases relating to fine on account of discipline cases after the approval of the Vice Chancellor
    • Tutorial grouping of students
    • Meeting with parents regarding counseling of students and admission/re-admission
    • To deal with cases of students relating to migration /discharge certificate/NOC.
    • To supervise cases of verification of result cards/certificates and registration of students
    • To supervise the cases of repeating of study course/semester/class by the students and to issue notification to the concerned departments/officers
    • To deal with the Eligibility/Ineligibility of students for examination
    • Appointment on contract basis of Gazetted Staff
    • Appointment on contract basis of Non-Gazetted Staff
    • Recruitment of Gazetted / Non-Gazetted Staff
    • Leave Cases
    • Posting Case
    • Transfer Cases
    • Promotion Cases of Gazetted/Non Gazetted Staff
    • Seniority Cases
    • Increment Cases
    • G.P. Fund Cases
    • Pension Cases
    • House Rent Cases
    • Resignation / Termination Cases
    • Disciplinary Cases under E&D Rules
    • Re-Imbursement of Medical Charges
    • Retirement Cases