Proctorial Board

To maintain discipline and order in the University, there is a Proctorial Board comprising of Chief Proctor, Secretary Procotrial Board and staff members. Every staff member is a proctor and, therefore, can check any student in the university premises. Cases of violation of University discipline are reported to the Chief Proctor, who will immediately take appropriate action. Fines imposed by the Chief Proctor or the Proctorial Board shall not be remitted or reduced.

A Proctor shall ensure that students.

  • Display University Identity Card
  • Do not wear T-Shirts, Jeans and Joggers.
  • Must dress up in the University Uniform.
  • Should not disturb the academic atmosphere.
  • Do not misuse camera mobile phone or any such device

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
Chief Proctor
Dr. Faiza Sharif
Deputy Chief Proctor (Female)
Dr Babar Naseem Assi
Deputy Proctorial Board (Male)
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Sanjarani
Assistant Chief Proctor (Male)
Dr. Andaleeb Anwer
Assistant Chief Proctor (Female)
Muhammad Mussafa Butt
Secretary Proctorial Board
Notification No. EA-I/101-13/17-B
Dated: 04.01.2017
Sector In-Charge Proctorial Board
Main Building Dr. Saif Ullah
Post Graduate Block
Bokhari Auditorium and Lawns Ms. Farzana Arshad
Administrative Block & Inter Cafe Mr. Azhar Iftikhar
Intermediate Block Prof. Dr. Erfan Ullah Baber
Science Block Dr. Abdul Ghaffar
CASP Mr. Yasir Noor
Notification No. EA-I/101-13/17-B
Dated: 04.01.2017
Department-wise Proctor
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