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1. Title of the Book - Portrait Sketches of 150 Luminaries of GC University Lahore

About the Artist and Author
Erfan Ullah Babar has been working with portrait sketches since his childhood but his latest sketches provide the viewer with a fresh dimension and style. He has been publishing these portraits regularly on his Facebook account, where they are appreciated by the art critics and art lovers alike. Recently, he is working as the Chairperson at Department of Fine Arts, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan.

This book comprises sketched portraits and brief introductions of illustrious Luminaries who have either studied or taught at Govemment College University, Lahore and have played their part in shaping a unique cultural milieu that continues to inspire the generations of Ravians. This book is a tribute to the contribution of these celebrated Ravians to the world in terms of creativity, knowledge and inspiration. Following the key artistic strategies and techniques of my previous work on portraits of 100 Painters of Pakistan and 100 Poets and Authors of Pakistan, my original intention for this book was to compile a hundred portraits of notable Ravians. However, during the process of materializing this artistic intention, it became increasingly difficult to restrict the portraits to just a hundred because of the wide range of personalities rooted in different professions; from politicians to government oflicials, armed forces to nuclear scientists, Nobel Laureates to scholars, actors to musicians, poets to writers, philanthropists to scientists and journalists and so on. Therefore, I felt it necessary to increase the number of portraits to 150,

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