GCU Day Care Center

Programs at Ravi KinderCare

Three distinct programs are being followed at Ravi KinderCare keeping in view the unique needs of each age group. These are:

  • Newborns & Infant’s Care
  • Toddler’s and Early Years
  • After School Program.

Newborn & Infant Care Program

Infants are at a sensory motor stage of development. The world is a set of fleeting images for them. The only way they express their needs is crying whenever they are hungry, wet and uncomfortable in any way. Most important in infant care are immediate attention and physical interaction. A proper and firm hold and gentle handing of the infant induces a basic trust that their world is a safe place and significant others can be relied on. The newborns are bestowed with twenty basic reflexes from which their development extends into more conscious interactions with their social environment. Along with a well-equipped environment, staff trained in infant handling, our psychological service is committed to gauging infant development every month through Monthly Development Profile for every infant. Another important emphasis is infant sleep. Sleep provides growth hormones for an infant to develop her/his physical potentials. We have a separate rest area for newborns and infants for an unperturbed and proper rest. Also, infants’ nutrition is monitored according to nutrition plans for infancy. All meals are administered in sanitized utensils and a daily record of meals, sleep and other activity is maintained through Daily Diary system.

Toddlers’ and Early Learners’ Program

This program would cover the ages from 12 to 36 months. While the name Toddler means the one who walks unsteadily, in fact this part of first growth spurt of human development is characterized by tremendous developmental changes. It is thus a wonderful time for learning and developing skills. It is up to the elders around children to avail this opportunity and provide them with quality time. Toddlers learns through play. We have designed a number of activities for pre-school time ranging from imitative play through role taking, constructive play through blocks, Lego and coloring, and informational play through garden visits and other exposure through videos and cartoons. Music is very important stimulus that kids enjoy while it disciplines them in subliminal ways. Our music teachers from Nazir Ahmad Music Society would regularly visit the center to play keyboard and arrange singing classes.

Alongside physical, cognitive and motor skills record, our emphasis will be Toilet Training. As psychologists, we know that this skill is the foundation of not only social discipline but later personality dynamics as well. Our staff is very careful in handling children with kindness while encouraging them to learn socially appropriate behaviors. We are also committed to provide workshops on reinforcement of children to our baby sitters from time to time.

After School Program

Several working mothers face the difficulty of child care in after school hours. A child needs proper changing, rest, lunch and play after school hours. After a survey of mothers’ feedback, homework is also included in after school program, though our priority would be on proper rest and play. Ravi Kinder Care would administer Psychological Assessment of personality and behavior. Assessments of intelligence and achievement would be provided on mothers’ request. Alongside this assessment, child guidance and counselling will be arranged according to parental needs or deemed necessary as per behavioral observations of the child. Our after school care would also engage children in activities that promote positive self image, assertiveness training, making decisions and choices, resistance to bulling and harassment and emotion regulation from time to time.