Admissions at GCU

University Rules & Regulations

For Intermediate Programme

According to the University Rules, every student of Intermediate (FA/FSc/ICom) has to wear Uniform. The purpose of specifying a Uniform is that the students should have a distinct identity, and also, they refrain from wearing expensive and gaudy clothes. The University has prescribed the following Uniform for Intermediate students:

Winter (November 01 to March 31)
White Shirt
Grey Trousers
University Tie
Traditional Maroon College Blazer, along with College Badge/Crest, or Maroon Sweater and Black Shoes

Summer (April 01 to October 31)
White Shirt
Khaki Trousers
University Tie
Black Shoes

Note: The Proctor or a Teacher can check a student in the University's premises, if without a uniform he can be fined.

For Undergraduate/Postgraduate Programmes
  • T-Shirts, jeans and joggers are not allowed for both male and female students.
  • Male students must dress up in dress-pants and shirts.
  • Female students should observe simplicity. They are directed to wear only cotton dresses.
  • Students not dressed up properly can be checked by any proctor within University bounds and will be fined.
  • Students are expected to dress up decently.
  • It is compulsory for every University student to obtain his/her Identity Card from the University Office immediately after his/her admission. Defaulters will be fined.
  • Students are directed to contact Ms. Hina Khan, Assistant Professor (Statistics) in this regard.
  • If an Identity Card is lost, a new Card will be issued for Rs.200/-.
  • A student should always display his/her Identity Card at all times. Any one not in possession of a Card will be fined Rs. 50/-. Refusal to show the Identity Card can entail a heavy fine, which will not be condoned.
  • Student's Identity Card is the property of the University. It is compulsory for every student to hand over his/her Identity Card to the University Office for record, if s/he is dropped from the University's rolls, or migrates to another College, or at the termination of the University session.
  • For travelling purposes, another Identity Card can be obtained from the University Office after admission by the students who may need it.
  • No certificate/degree will be issued unless the students have deposited their Identity Cards to the University.

In case a student leaves the University without the approval of sanctioning/concerned authority and if his/her attendance falls below 50% in a month he/she will be dropped from the University roll and his/her status will be notified and communicated to the parents.

  • A student who wants to leave the University should apply to the Registrar on the prescribed proforma. His/Her application must be countersigned by his/her father/guardian.
  • The University leaving certificate will only be issued to the student whose case is verified and authenticated by all the concerned departments of the University and has deposited the University leaving certificate fee and also there is nothing outstanding against him.
Prohibited Activities

Students are advised not to encourage outsiders to visit them in or immediately outside the University premises or indulge in anti-social activities. It will be deemed as serious, punishable offence.
Instigating agitation, violence and holding demonstrations inside or outside the campus are considered breach of discipline.


Smoking within the University premises is strictly prohibited; those who violate this rule will be liable to punishment. Any staff member can check a University student within the premises of the University and forward the case to the Chief Proctor for appropriate action.


The use of camera mobile phone or any such device is strictly prohibited in classrooms/seminar rooms/libraries/auditorium/cafeterias. Those who violate the rules shall be penalized. These devices will be confiscated by the University.


No University student is allowed to possess arms of any kind, even if he has an arms licence. Those who violate this rule will be punished according to law.

Government College University, Lahore is committed in creating and maintaining efficient educational and working environment free from any form of discrimination and harassment. The University Anti Harassment Committee is entrusted with the responsibility to deal with cases of extraordinary personal nature, if any. This committee takes up all representations on priority basis and ensures effective dispensation of Justice, irrespective of status, faith, class, refugee status or gender of the complainant while maintaining confidentiality of the matter.

Semester is a prescribed period of the academic year during which courses are taught and completed. At GCU there are two semesters in a year and each semester is of 18 weeks duration, including 16 weeks of teaching and 02 weeks of examinations. There will be two types of assessment for each course during a semester, i-e semester work and final Examinations. Semester work will consist of class test/quizes/assignments given by the respective teacher to the students. Final examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester covering the whole prescribed syllabus for each course.

Note: Relative Grading System is used at GCU which allows for screening students according to their performance relative to their peers. The students must abide by the Examination Regulations at GCU Website:

The act of using someone else's original ideas or work, and submitting it in one's own name without acknowledging the source is strictly prohibited. Such a case will be classified as Plagiarised. In case a student is found guilty of Plagiarism in any form, his/her case will be referred to the Dean of the respective discipline by the Chairperson of the concerned Department. If the Dean finds sufficient evidence against the student after due investigation, the student's work shall stand forfeited and the Registrar shall cancel his/her admission under intimation to the Vice Chancellor. No appeal shall be entertained in such cases.

The Director, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is the HEC Focal Person Turnitin (Anti Plagiarism Software). MS/MPhil and PhD Thesis are verified by Director QEC for generating "Originality Report". The Director QEC certifies Research Publication submitted by GCU Scholars and Faculty Members.