Admissions at GCU

Ph.D Programme

Ph.D Programme is being offered in the following subjects to both male and female candidates.

Faculty of chemistry and Life Sciences Biotechnology | Botany | Chemistry | Microbiology | Psychology | Physcial Education and Sports Sciences | Zoology
Faculty of Mathematical and Physical scineces Computer Science | Electronics | Environmental Science | Geography | Mathematics | Physics | Statistics
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Economics | History | Political Science
Faculty of Languages | Islamic and Oriental learning English Literature | Islamic Studies | Persian | Punjabi | Urdu
Eligibility for PhD Admissions
  • A candidate holding MS/MPhil/Equivalent Degree in the relevant discipline is eligible for admission to PhD Programme if she/he possesses at least 3.00/ 4.00 CGPA (In case she/he has studied in Semester System) or Ist Division (In case she/he has studied in Annual System) in his/her MS / MPhil / Equivalent Degree from an Institution/ University recognized in Pakistan.
  • Research work of minimum of 6 credit hours in MS/MPhil Programme is mandatory.
  • Only for admission to PhD Computer Science candidates with MPhil/MS Degree having course work of six (06) credit hours instead of thesis work (06) credit hours) as per HEC Policy are eligible to apply for admission.
  • All candidates are required to pass the GCU General Assessment Test (Subject) for PhD admission to be conducted through NTS. The schedule of registration and test shall be announced at an appropriate time.
  • Admission to PhD shall not be open for 'non- subject candidates. However, the criterion of related subject/ field for eligibility shall be determined by the Academic Committee of the concerned Department.
  • Candidates working in Government/ Semi Government or private institutions may apply. Such candidates shall have to submit "No Objection Certificate" from the Head of the Institution where they are working.
  • A "Notification of Registration" of the candidate approved for admission to PhD Programme shall be issued by the Registrar.
  • One seat is reserved for special applicants. Such applicants should attach a "Disability Certificate", obtained from the District Disability Board, with the Admission Form.
  • There is no age limit for special/disabled students.
Registration and Commencement of PhD Programme
  • All the applications for admission to PhD Programme shall be submitted to Deputy Registrar (Admission) . The Registrar shall pass on the applications to the Chairperson of the concerned department who shall get the eligibility of the candidates assessed from the Departmental Academic Committee and this Committee would also consider the feasibility of admission taking into consideration the availability of the supervisors and facilities , etc.
  • Each candidate for the PhD Programme shall submit a declaration to the effect.
  • The candidate recommended by the Departmental Academic Committee for admission to PhD Programme shall be given provisional admission subject to the fulfilment of following two conditions:
  1. Completion of 18 credit hours course work.
  2. Approval of the Research Synopsis for PhD thesis by the Departmental Board of Studies and Advanced Studies and Research Board.
  3. That the work she/he shall submit for the PhD Degree has not already been submitted elsewhere and shall not in future be submitted by him/her for obtaining similar Degree from any other institution.
  • The candidate must fulfil the above two conditions within one year from the date of his/her provisional admission to the PhD Programme. This period may be extended to further one year on the recommendation of the respective Chairperson.
Thesis for PhD Degree
  • A student will be given three years for completion of thesis for PhD starting from the date of his/her provisional admission. An extension of two or more years will be given in case of non-completion or rejection of PhD thesis.
  • A research paper on the topic of PhD thesis must be accepted/published in an H EC approved journal before the Viva Voce Examination.

For details of the programme, see information in the webpages of respective Deprtment.