The University Instruments and
Maintenance Laboratory (UIML)

The University Instruments and Maintenance Laboratory (UIML) was established, with its aim to offer services in terms of Maintenance and Repairing of scientific equipment available in different departments of the GC University, Lahore. Now, the UIML provides its support for repairing and maintenance of scientific instrumentation, laboratory equipment throughout GC University, Lahore. This partnership is achieved through competent staff, suitably equipped facilities, and the array of services available to both faculty and students. UIML is staffed by experts who maintain and repair all types of mechanical, electronic, and electrical instruments. The UIML also provides PC-related hardware and software support to various academic and non-academic departments of GC University,Lahore.

The mission of UIML is to facilitate, faculty, staff and students by providing prompt, reliable equipment repair and maintenance service for various types, makes and models of scientific equipment