Career Guidance & Placement Center

Mode of CG & PC

Stage 1: Insight
This is the fundamental preparation which should be undertaken prior to making a decision about students' career and personal development. It enables to address the questions 'who am I?' and 'what do I want?' It may include the use of tests, questionnaires and self-appraisal exercises to help in addressing students':
  • Skills (what am I good at?)
  • Aptitudes (what am I capable of?)
  • Interests (what am I motivated to do?)
  • Values (what is most important to me?)
  • Personality (what work roles and environments would suit me?)
  • Career Drivers' (what are my key career needs?)
  • 'Past Positives' (what activities & environments enable me to thrive?)

Further exercises will enable Student Counselor to clarify these results, leading to the creation of a 'Career Template', a summary of those key elements a student must have in his/her career life. This is the point student will reach by the end of Stage 1: Insight.

Stage 2: Planning
With the increased clarity and confidence which Stage 1 can provide, student will be in the best possible frame of mind to brainstorm ideas for his/her future. Student Counselor will help you to narrow down your list, and to produce a focused, realistic and step-by-step action plan.
Stage 3: Action
Stage 3 consists of a number of modules. You can take one or more of these modules immediately following Stages 1 and 2.