5th International Conference on Innovative Biological and Public Health Research (IBPHR-2023)
October 11-12, 2023


The Department of Zoology, GC University, Lahore is the oldest seat of learning and imparting knowledge of Zoology at the Graduate and Postgraduate level in Pakistan. The Postgraduate Programme at the department was launched in 1908. In addition, it was the first centre to start teaching Zoology in this part of the Subcontinent until 1920 when the University of the Punjab, Lahor established its Department of Zoology. The Zoology Department of the University of the Punjab, Lahore was also housed in the building of the Department of Zoology at the Government College Lahore and continued functioning here till 1963. During these years, the Zoology faculties of Government College Lahore and the University of the Punjab jointly managed the Postgraduate Programme.

In 1963, the Department of Zoology initiated its independent M.Sc. Zoology Programme as a result of the untiring efforts of Dr. Nazir Ahmad (who had been promoted to Principal, Government College Lahore), Prof. Naseer-ud-Din Ahmad (Professor and Chairperson, Department of Zoology) and Dr. Ahsanul Islam (Professor of Zoology).

After attaining the status of an autonomous institution in 1997, and that of a University in 2002, curricula were upgraded and modernized in accordance with international standards.