Tutorial System

Once admitted into the University, every student is given membership of a tutorial group. The in-charge of a tutorial group is a teacher and is called Tutor. It is essential for every student to get a “Dossier Form” from the Tutor at the earliest and hand it back to the Tutor after filling it. Every student should contact his Tutor in the first available time and inquire about his availability for consultation during the free period of the working days. It is compulsory for every student to present all his documents, i.e, application for scholarship and character certificate etc., to the Vice Chancellor through his tutor. The Vice Chancellor will not issue any order on the applications directly submitted to him. Tutorial groups have a weekly meeting in which attendance is compulsory. All the tutorial groups are supervised by the Chief Tutor, therefore students are directed to see:

Chief Tutor (Science) Prof. Dr. Ahmad Adnan (Chemistry)
Deputy Chief Tutor (Science) Dr. Safdar Ali Mirza (Botany)
Chief Tutor (Arts) Prof. Dr. Sultan Shah (Arabic & Islamic Studies)
Deputy Chief Tutor (Arts) Mr. Yasir Sultan (Philosophy)

In case of absence from the tutorial meeting, there is a fine of Rs. 50 per meeting, which will not be remitted.


Dars-e-Quran will be held on Fridays during the tutorial period in Bokhari Auditorium according to the following schedule:

First Friday of every month Tutorial Groups 01 to 12
Second Friday of every month Tutorial Groups 13 to 25
Third Friday of every month Tutorial Groups 26 to 37
Fourth Friday of every month Tutorial Groups 38 to 50

Attendance is compulsory. The respective tutors will join their groups and take attendance in Bokhari Auditorium and hand it to Prof. Mohammad Azmat (After counter signatures) on the same day for onwards transmission to the concerned quarters. The tutorial groups concerned will occupy the allotted seats along with their tutors. For the remaining Fridays, they will attend their group-meetings as usual in the places/rooms already specified in the tutorial group schedule.

To calculate your Tutorial Group Number, divide your roll number by 50 without using calculator. The remainder shall be your Tutorial Group Number.


The following staff members are appointed as tutors/additional tutors for the session 2014-2015.

Tutorial Group 1 Tutorial Group 2 Tutorial Group 3