Sustainability at GCU

Affordable and Clean Energy

Solar Cell Application Research Lab at Department of Physics

A Solar Cell Applications Research Lab was established in February, 2012 with the collaboration of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan at Department of Physics, Government College University Lahore. Laboratory is operational and producing quality research of high societal impact. Since its establishment this lab has produced 35 M.Phil. and 2 PhD scholars with 96 research publications.

Solar Cell-Application-Research-Lab-GCU

Alternative Energy Lab at Sustainable Development Study Centre

Alternative Energy Laboratory was established at Sustainable Development Study Centre of GC University, Lahore in 2012. Lab is functional with research activities and also used for students’ demonstrations. Electricity generation and value addition, eco-sustainability analysis of smart electricity metering, assessment of contemporary power distribution transformers are the main research themes of alternative energy laboratory. This lab also provides technical assistance and guidance to R&D departments of various industries.

Alternative Energy Lab


Alternative Energy Lab 2

Microbial Fuel Research Laboratory at Sustainable Development Study Centre

Sustainable Development Study Centre of GC University Lahore is conducting research on Microbial Fuel cells (MFC). Integrated Constructed Wetlands (CWs) coupled with MFC is emerging as a promising technology for the treatment of a variety of wastewaters along with harvesting bioelectricity from them and from saline lake sediments. An HEC funded project entitled “Electricity production and enrichment of electro active microorganisms using sediment microbial fuel cells” of cost 0.472 million PKR was awarded in 2019 to this research group. Since its establishment 1 MPhil and 2 BS students have successfully completed their research.

Microbial Fuel Research Laboratory GCU-1

Microbial Fuel Research Laboratory GCU-2

Biofuel Research Laboratory at Institute of Industrial Biotechnology

Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, GC University Lahore has established a Biofuel Research Laboratory in 2017. Since its establishment 2 PhD, 4 MPhil and 4 BS students have successfully completed their research projects. Moreover, this research group has also published 10 high impact research articles during 2019-2020. A research project entitled “Cost effective pilot scale production of Bio-ethanol” of cost 4.48 million PKR funded by Pak-Turk is under progress.

Biofuel Research Laboratory-1

Biofuel Research Laboratory-2

Functional Materials Laboratory at Department of Chemistry

Laboratory of Functional Materials at Department of Chemistry, Government College University, Lahore is working on preparation of materials for solar research, treatment of pollutants and clean energy. Since its establishment this laboratory has produced 23 M.Phil. and 25 BS research students. Currently, 7 PhD scholars are working on various research projects in this lab. A research project entitled “Organic and inorganic hybrid materials for energy conservation and storage” of 26.8 million PKR is in progress.

Functional Materials Laboratory GCU-1

Functional Materials Laboratory GCU-2

Faculty Research Publications

GC University Lahore has published 64 quality research articles relevant to SDG-7 (Clean and affordable energy) in high impact factor international research journals during 2019-2020.

Community education, awareness and outreach

On-campus Energy Conservation drive

Environment Protection Society, Sustainable Development Study Centre, Government College University, Lahore has launched an energy conservation drive on October 7th and 8th, 2020 aimed at creating awareness among the public to follow steps for energy conservation. In this drive faculty, staff and students were advised to switch off the lights of the offices/classrooms when not in use. Students also pasted awareness stickers for energy conservation at various places.

GCU On campus Energy

Energy Conservation and renewable energy drive at local schools

Faculty and students of Sustainable Development Study Centre organize education and awareness campaigns regarding energy conservation and renewable energy sources in the local schools. Students and staff of schools actively participate in the campaigns and show their interest and willingness to switch towards renewable energy.

Energy Conservation and renewable energy

Energy Conservation and renewable energy-2

Adopting Energy Conservation, efficiency and renewable energy practices on-campus

Energy Conservation

GC University, Lahore has set some austerity measures in action during October, 2020 for the responsible usage of energy at campus. University faculty, staff and students are directed to use air conditioners at 26 oC not after 11 am. They are also directed to switch the classroom lights when it is not in use.

Energy Efficiency

GC University, Lahore has turned its main campus into an energy efficient campus with the collaboration of Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA). A pilot project titled “Retrofitting of Energy Inefficient Appliances by replacing them with Energy Efficient Appliances” was completed in 2017. Under these installations 6427 tube lights were replaced with LEDs. Moreover, fans (2140 no.) and Air conditioners (395 no.) were also replaced with energy efficient versions of the same at various locations of main campus.

Energy Efficiency

GC University Lahore has installed wall paneling and false ceiling at various places in order to make the existing buildings more energy efficient and to stop the heating/cooling losses.

Wall Paneling and False Ceiling

Switching to Renewable Energy

An MOU was signed between GC University Lahore and Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) for installation of solar panels at main campus of GCU, Lahore. Through this program, GCU, Lahore will cut down energy related CO2 emissions and shift towards clean solar energy.

GC University Lahore has signed an agreement on November 5, 2021 with SHAMS Power and Sky Electric to finance/supply solar electricity to GC University (including hostels with metering). This is one of the most exceptional initiatives in the history of the GCU to cut down energy cost by -50% and reduce carbon emissions.

Switching to Renewable Energy

Installation of solar operated water filtration plant

The solar energy operated water filtration plant (Fully automated with 1000 gallon) has been successfully installed at GCU’s new campus. The plant can cater supply of pure water to the entire new campus with zero carbon emissions and utilization of clean energy.

Water Filtration Plant