Sustainability at GCU

On-Campus Water conservation, Management and Research

Rainwater Harvesting

GC University Lahore in collaboration with National Cleaner Production Center constructed a system to harvest rainwater at GCU’s new campus. This rainwater harvest well is operational.

Rainwater Harvesting

Construction of groundwater recharge well

GC University Lahore in collaboration with WWF Pakistan is installing recharge well at its main campus for replenishing the depleting groundwater reservoir of Lahore. In this regard a site has been selected in the GCU oval ground and the construction will start soon.

Provision of Clean Drinking Water-1 Provision of Clean Drinking Water-2

Provision of Clean Drinking Water

GC University, Lahore has installed reverse osmosis plants at 50 different drinking water stations both at main and new campus of GC University, Lahore. All machinery is regularly checked and repaired if needed.

Construction of groundwater recharge well

Installation of solar energy operated Water Filtration Plant

A new solar energy operated Water Filtration Plant (Fully Automated with 1000 Gallon Capacity) has been successfully installed at GCU’s New Campus, after twice water testing by the PCSIR. The Plant can cater supply of pure water to the entire new campus with no installation and electricity cost to the GCU.

Faculty Research Publications

GC University Lahore has produced 31 research articles with high societal impact in various international research journals relevant to SDG-6 (Clean water & Sanitation).

Faculty Research Projects

Office of the Research Innovation and Commercialization, GC University Lahore has awarded research projects regarding risk assessment of water contamination on public health and its management strategies. Following research projects of worth 0.8 Million PKR was granted for research on water during 2019-2020.

1. Occurrence, Distribution and Human Risk Assessment of Phthalates in surface water of Ravi River and drinking water from Lahore district, Dr. Mehwish Faheem, Zoology (ORIC/250,000).

2. Prevalence and control of free living amoeba in operational drinking water distribution system of Lahore, Dr. Muhammad Tariq Azhid, Zoology (ORIC/250,000).

3. Magnetic composites materials; emerging designer adsorbents for aqueous pollutants removal and water treatment, Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, CASP (ORIC/300,000)

Community outreach and awareness

Environmental protection society, GC University, Lahore on regular basis conducts a number of events to create awareness for conscious water usage on and off campus.

community outreach and awareness

Students and faculty of Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC), Government College University Lahore visit Engineering Council office of Pakistan every year to attend the events in connection with world water day, this year theme of the meeting was “Valuing water”. Students have actively participated by presenting their research works, ideas and also contributed in group discussions. Mr. Syed Tehzeeb Ul Hussain, Ms. Syeda Hamayal Zahra, Ms. Laiba Rafiq and Mr. Daniyal Abbas have presented their research on the Solutions to Global Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources.

World Water Day

Protecting our Aquatic Ecosystem

Environment Protection Society, GC University Lahore celebrated world wet land day on 2nd February 202 and conducted a cleanup drive and awareness walk at Uchaali Lake. Wetlands provide many essential goods and ecosystem services. Ucchali wetlands complex is a Ramsar site and is a habitat for migratory birds. Extend your hospitality to these international visitors.

Environment Protection Society, GC University Lahore held a cleanliness drive at Kewai Waterfall, Kaghan on August 6, 2021 because this waterfall is experiencing the issues of solid waste management due to mushrooming tourism.

Protecting Aquatic Ecosystem

Plantation Campaigns

Environment Protection Society (EPS) and Horticulture Society (HS) of GC University, Lahore has organized a number of plantation campaigns to promote drought tolerant plantations. As the campus area is under semi-arid climatic zone that is why water-conscious planting (use of drought tolerant plants) such as Acacia modesta, and Olea ferruginea is promoted in the University campus to sustain the drought tolerant plantations.

Plantation Campains

Water Management Educational Program

Faculty and students of Sustainable Development Study Centre, GC University Lahore with collaboration of researchers from Soil Salinity Research Institute, Pindi Bhattian have conducted an informal educational program with the farmer community of Toba Tek Singh, Jhang and Hafizabad in March 2019. Farmers were guided about the sustainable management of unfit brakish water with the application of biochar. As an estimate farmers from 100 villages of these districts have participated in this program.

Water Management Educational Program