Sustainability at GCU

Research and Collaborations

Assuring gender equality and removing gender gaps have always been a priority of GC University, Lahore at all levels including students, staff and faculty members. For this purpose, GCU is always a custodian of providing equal opportunities to both male and female students in education, research, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In this regard, GC University has published 17 research papers during the years 2019-2020. Moreover, four MoUs have been signed with relevant departments i.e. Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre (29 June, 2007), Applied Socio-Economic Resource Center and Institute of Women Studies (12 October, 2018) , She Means Work (5 March, 2021) and Women Development Department Pakistan (24 June, 2021).

Women Development and Empowerment

GCU signed an MoU with Women Development Department (WDD) Punjab on 24 June 2021 to establish Women Development Center in GC University to facilitate women for career development, entrepreneurship, online education & leadership.

Women Development and Empowerment

Celebrating Women’s Week

The Quaid-e-Azam Political Science Society of GC University planned a week-long celebration from 8 to 12 March, 2021 on account of International Women’s Day to honor the achievements of strong and eminent women in their respective fields. The first day of the week started with a seminar which revolved around ‘The role of women in male dominated fields.’ The following day of the week features the screening of a documentary titled “ Hidden Figures” highlighting the story of black women in technical field and their struggles. To conclude the week two-day workshop was arranged on "Decentering White Feminism: Gender and Spirituality".

Health and Fitness

Each year GCU arranges breast cancer awareness seminar followed by an awareness walk in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Hospital to educate its female students, faculty and staff members about the importance of their health and to burst myths related to breast cancer. This year, GCU dedicated a whole week of October (18 to 22 October, 2021) as Breast Cancer Awareness week and various fund-raising events were arranged to support Breast Cancer patients.

To ensure health and fitness of women, the university has initiated regular Yoga classes for its female students, staff and faculty members. It is an exceptional measure to provide free classes of yoga to our females leading to their improved health and better parity in terms of facilities and provisions.

Girls Yoga Classes

Promoting Female Sports

To bridge the gap between male and female student’s participation in various activities, GCU promotes the involvement of female students in sports as well. GC University already has female participation in Basketball, Athletics, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, Rowing, Rifle Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis and Squash. In 2021, GC University formed its first ever Female Cricket Team, who will be provided with coaching from two of our National Cricket Team players.

Promoting Female Sports-1
Promoting Female Sports-1
Promoting Female Sports-1
Promoting Female Sports-4

Women Facilitation

GCU Day Care Center was established in 2019 and renovated and upgraded in 2021 with the by the financial assistance from Women Development Department Punjab. This center provides free Day Care facility to all of its students, staff and faculty members. The Day Care has three programs working at the same time: Newborn & Infant Care, Toddlers Program and After-School Care. The purpose of this is to facilitate new mothers and working women to focus on their duties and to flourish in their careers.

GCU Day Care Center-1

GCU Day Care Center-2