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GCU has published 14 research articles on the topic of Peace and justice during the year 2019-2020. Dr. M. Iqbal Shahid from Department of Persian completed HEC NRPU project on “ The role of sufi literature in the promotion of the peace and tolerance” in the year 2020, worth 4 million PKR. GC University has also signed an MoU with Lahore Center for Peace Research on 5 th March, 2021.

GC University is a home for many societies and clubs working to prevail peace and justice. Two of the most prominent societies in this regard are Kashmir and Palestine Societies of GCU.

GCU Kashmir Society

GCU established Kashmir Society on 7th February 2020 in collaboration with Peace and Culture Organization headed by Ms. Mushaal Hussein Mullick. This society is established to highlight the Kashmir issue and expose the human rights violations and genocide of Kashmiris before the national and international communities.

GCU Kashmir Society-1

Following is a glimpse of some events of the GCU Kashmir Society.

On the occasion of Kashmir Black Day (27th October, 2021) GCU Kashmir Society organized an event on Kashmir Black Day in collaboration with Freedom for All organization to highlight the brutality of Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir and to raise the voice for their protection, dignity and taking care of their socioeconomic needs.

GCU Kashmir Society-2

The Kashmir Martyrs’ Day is observed each 13 July every year all over the world to pay homage to 22 Kashmiri people who were killed in 1931 during a revolt against Dogra rule and protested against the prosecution of sympathizer of Kashmir struggle. GCU Kashmir Society hosts events each year to show solidarity with the martyrs of Kashmir on 13 July.

GCU Kashmir Society-3

GCU Kashmir Society-4

GCU Kashmir Society-5

GCU Kashmir Society-6

Each year on 5th February, GCU celebrates Kashmir’s day with full spirit to cast light upon human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir and the long-held curfew and sufferings of Kashmiris.

GCU Kashmir Society-7

GCU Kashmir Society-8

GCU Palestine Society

GCU Palestine Society was established on 16 June 2021, to initiate a youth movement against human rights violations and atrocities of Israeli forces. The agenda of the society is to signify and highlight the atrocities of Israel on Palestinian Muslim brethren. The society aims to provide support and awareness regarding the cause of Palestine.

GCU Palestine Society

Celebrating International Peace Day

On the occasion of International Peace Day an online session was hosted by GCU Kashmir and Palestine Societies on 22nd September, 2021 to remind the heart-rending human rights violations in Palestine and Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir over decades.

International Peace-Day-1

International Peace Day-2

International Peace-Day-3