Sustainability at GCU

Leaving No One Behind

Reducing inequalities and ensuring no one is left behind are integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. COVID-19 has deepened existing inequalities, hitting the poorest and most vulnerable communities the hardest. It has put a spotlight on economic inequalities and fragile social safety nets that leave vulnerable communities to bear the brunt of the crisis. At the same time, social, political and economic inequalities have amplified the impacts of the pandemic.

GCU has published total 21 research papers related to SDG 10: Reducing Inequalities during the year 2019-2020. Other than this, various research projects for the accessibilities for disables have been conducted. Engr. Noman Shabbir (Assistant Professor) has completed a project on Path Planning and Hurdle Detection for Blind People in collaboration with ICT R&D. GC University has also signed an MoU with Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness(SFEA) on 5th March 2021 and with The Migrant Resource Centers (MRC), Lahore, Pakistan on 5 th August 2021.

Diversity at GCU

Government College University, Lahore is committed to creating and maintaining efficient educational and working environment free from any form of discrimination and harassment towards students, faculty, or staff members on basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity and disability. The admissions in GCU are purely on open merit without any discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, ethnicity etc. However, some seats are reserved for minorities, differently-abled, transgenders and students from underrepresented areas. Reserved seats for sports and co-curricular activities are also filled strictly on merit basis.

International Minorities Day

GCU takes much pride in acknowledging all of its ethnic, cultural and religious minorities to create a sense of harmony among students. Each year on 11th August, GCU celebrates International Minorities Day with all its minority students and staff members.

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Christmas Celebration

GCU not only accepts minorities but also celebrates them. Each year GCU celebrates Christmas day with its full zeal. All students, staff and faculty members celebrate the colorful event arranged on Christmas night with their Christian fellows by cutting cake and singing and other Christmas rituals.

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Promoting Cultural Diversity

GCU takes pride in housing a rich community that is a mix of cultural, lingual, traditional and culinary diversity. In GCU, we acknowledge all cultures of Pakistan whether it is Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Pakhtoon/Pashtun, Balochi, Balti or Kashmiri. GCU community values each other’s traditions and live in peace and harmony.

Promoting Cultural Diversity

On 5th November, 2021, the 74th Independence Day of Gilgit-Baltistan was celebrated at the Government College University (GCU) Lahore with traditional zeal and fervor. A grand cultural event was held at the University which was marked by unique cultural dance performances by the students of Gilgit-Baltistan.

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On 8th August 2020, GCU opens its doors for transgenders community. There will be five reserved seats for transgender’s and they do not have to appear in any form of tests for admission. More information on

No discrimination / No Harassment Policy

No Discrimination Government College University, Lahore is committed in creating and maintaining efficient educational and working environment free from any form of discrimination and harassment based on the 2010 Act of Govt. of Punjab “THE PROTECTION AGAINST HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT THE WORKPLACE”. GCU Anti-Harassment Committee takes up all representations on priority basis and ensures effective dispensation of justice, irrespective of status, faith, class or gender of the complainant while maintaining confidentiality of the matter.

GCU has appointed 10 focal persons on 22-08-2020, who got trained from Govt. of Punjab in the office of wafaqi mohtasib. These focal persons are the certified personnel who have completed the e-course of ‘ HEC Policy on Protection Against Sexual Harassment at Higher Education Institutions’ offered by National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE).

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GCU has zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. In this regard, a webinar was also held on the topic of “Prevention of sexual harassment”. Watch complete webinar on
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Women Empowerment

On 25th June 2021, an MoU was signed to establish a Women Development Centre at Government College University Lahore to facilitate women for career development, entrepreneurship, online education & leadership. Women Empowerment

International Women’s Day

In accordance with the women day, university’s Quaid-e-Azam Political Science Society planned a whole week to honor the achievements of strong women in their respective fields. The theme of the women’s week was ‘The role of women in male dominated society’. The week-long celebrations include seminars, lectures, workshops and documentary screening. More information at
International Women's Day

Center For Special Students

GCU offers admission to all students who apply against disable category with no age limit. All charges including tuition fee, hostel fee and utility bills are waived off. There is reservation of at-least one seat for higher qualification i.e. M.Phil and PhD in all departments. GCU has a state-of-the art center for special students. GC University provides accessible facilities for students with disabilities which includes computer training classes, solutions for braille related issues, computers/speech output programs, braille magazines, audio books, embossers and perking machines to provide equal opportunities for disable students to excel in their life. Provision of accessible routes, ramps and special washrooms for disable students are also ensured. Other than this, university provides free accommodation facility in hostels with all utility bills waived off for all disable students. GC University also hire a sign language interpreter to facilitates students with disabilities.
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Community outreach

On the occasion of World Cerebral Palsy day, an international webinar was held on 6 October, 2021 in collaboration with Pace2Life Welfare Foundation asking people around the world to come together to support those living with Cerebral Palsy, embrace diversity and help create a more accessible future for everyone.
Persons with Disabilities-1

GCU celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities each year to celebrate their extraordinary contributions in academics.
Persons with Disabilities-2

GCU in Collaboration with Shaoor Foundation arranged a ‘Youth Leadership and Civic training’ for disables and minorities students from 24-25th August 2021. The objective of the training was to enhance leadership skills, citizenship and civic education among the students.
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