Sustainability at GCU

SDG 1- No Poverty

GC University Lahore is making full efforts to eliminate poverty through teaching, research, community outreach, and collaborations.

Student Financial Support

GC University Lahore has provided scholarships of Rs. 161.23 million to 1924 male and 872 female students during the year 2020. A major proportion of scholarships is managed through internal sources of GCU Endowment Fund Trust and GCU Financial Aid Office.

GCU Endowment Fund Trust

We intend that not a single deserving student is left out of financial aid to carry on his/her studies. GCU Endowment Fund is the largest financial aid awarding program among the universities of Pakistan. In the year 2020, it provided scholarships of Rs. 22.32 million to 781 deserving students.

Financial Aid Office

GCU Financial Aid Office provided financial aid of Rs. 31.68 million to 897 students. Moreover, GCU Student Financial Aid Office also facilitated 1136 students in getting government-funded scholarships worth Rs. 107.82 million through Ehsas Need Based scholarship, HEC Need Based Scholarship Program, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF), Rahmatul-lil-Alameen Scholarship, All boards scholarships, Scotland British Council Scholarship For Women, Gwadar Need Based Scholarship, HEC FATA and Baluchistan Scholarship, Baluchistan Endowment Fund and scholarships from other links such as Al-Hamad Foundation.

GCU Welfare Society

GCU Welfare Society is actively engaged in raising funds for needy students on campus. Each year, the society initiates on-campus and social media campaigns to inform students about different scholarship/financial aid opportunities on how to apply and hunt available scholarships.

GCU Welfare Society

Scholarships for International Students

GCU provides a welcoming environment for international students. Currently, students from 13 countries are perusing their education from intermediate to Ph.D. level programs. Scholarship opportunities are available for Afghan, Sri Lankan, and students from OIC countries. In the year 2020, GCU provided scholarships of Rs. 5.4 million to 18 students from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Gambia.

Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship Details for International Students


TAKE-UP Project

GCU under the Take-Up Project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union has joined hands with three other universities; LUMS, University of Gujrat, and COMSATS and formed a partnership with two foreign universities; Saarland University, Germany and Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece. The project is aimed at uplifting the potential of Pakistani universities in the area of entrepreneurship, especially the development of entrepreneurial skills in students by improving the coaching process of students with strong entrepreneurial capabilities.

Take-Up Project

Effect of biogenic nanoparticles on economic and biological traits and silk production of Bombyx mori. L.: A step to uplift the rural economy

Sericulture is an important Agro-based cottage industry that globally provides employment to more than 30 million families and is helpful to raise the economic status of farming communities. Prof. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Tahir from Zoology Department is working on a research project funded by PHEC (Punjab Higher Education Commission). The project is aimed to enhance the biological traits of Bombyx mori L. (mulberry silkworm) to gain better silk yield through silver nano-particles supplemented feed.

Local Start-Up Assistance

GCU Business Incubation Centre

GCU Business Incubation Centre (BIC) is an excellent opportunity for faculty, students, and alumni to refine their entrepreneurship skills. BIC provides an array of resources and services ranging from physical incubation space equipped with Information & Communication Technology (ICT) facilities, funding opportunities, entrepreneurship training and skills, mentorship, protecting intellectual property, and converting innovative ideas into successful enterprises. Pitching idea competition is open also for students other than GCU in which best ideas are inducted for business incubation.

GCU Business Incubation Centre - 1

GCU Business Incubation Centre - 2

GCU Business Incubation Centre - 3

Startup Revenue Earned by Student / Alumni of the HEIs as Startups

The total turnover of startup teams in 18 months cycle has remained Rs. 1,266,150/-.

Startup Revenue Earned by Student / Alumni of the HEIs as Startups

Entrepreneurship Courses at BIC for Start-ups

Entrepreneurship Courses at BIC for Start-ups


GCU is leading the way to end poverty through community outreach activities, awareness sessions, and entrepreneurship training. Several students societies are involved in eliminating poverty and reducing inequalities e.g. Mehbub-ul-Haq Economics Society, GCU Business Accounting & Finance Society (BAFS), GCU Commerce Society, GCU Welfare Society, Wall of Hope - GCU Chapter.

Stwardship - 1

Stwardship - 2

Wall of Hope – GCU Chapter

Wall of Hope is a social welfare organization that started its work in 2016 intending to help the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. Its first chapter was started from GC University Lahore headed by the students of GCU Economics Department with its members from the economics and various other departments of the university. Now, it has provincial and university chapters across Pakistan in more than 30 cities. The GC university chapter for the very first time established the welfare wing of Wall of Hope and underwent various activities. These events include:

  • Food and cloth drives (in every summer and winter)
  • 24/7 Blood donation wing
  • Dealing with the cases on need-based donations. Wall of hope - GCU chapter took hundreds of donation cases to needy people across Punjab, particularly during the lockdown.
  • Voluntary fee payment of the students who had strong evidence of their inability to pay their university and college fees.
  • Ration drives during COVID-19 pandemic and Ramadan to more than 1000 families.
  • Stwardship - 1

Stwardship - 1