The subject of Statistics was first introduced at Government College Lahore in 1955 under the auspices of Ch. Sultan Buksh who was the Chairperson of the Department of Mathematics. In 1956, the Department of Mathematics was renamed as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, under the Chairpersonship of Dr. Lal Muhammad Chawla, a prominent Educationist and Mathematician. The teaching of Statistics was limited to Degree classes in those days.

The Department of Statistics started working independently in 1964. Prof. Sher Muhammad Chaudhry was appointed as Chairperson. Under his guidance, the Department continued to progress and the Postgraduate Programme was launched in 1987. Mr. Abdul Sabur took over charge as Chairperson and served the Department from 1990 to 1998. Prof. Dr. Khalid Pervaiz recently retired as Professor having served the Department for more than 03 decades.

The Department has been organizing refresher courses for teachers of Statistics for many years. In 1986, a Summer School was also organized to train Postgraduate teachers in Statistics. The Department is also rendering invaluable services to the Directorate of Staff Development (DSD), the Pakistan Institute of Statistical Training and Research (PISTAR), the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), the Educational Management Education Information System (EMIS) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

The Department also imparts instructions to faculty members from other Departments such as the Departments of Botany, Computer Science, Economics, Management Studies, Physics, Psychology and Clinical Psychology. MPhil and PhD Programmes were launched at the Department in 1999.

Our mission is to develop market oriented teaching and research of Applied/Theoretical Statistics for the enhancement of Economy, Health, Industry and Agricultural sectors.