The Ravi

The Ravi


The GC University (GCU) magazine “Ravi” is named after the river Ravi that flows to the North West of the city of Lahore. The flowing river is symbolic of continuity of ideas, thoughts, feelings and rich sentiments of the GCU students, alumni, and staff community all expressed through the magazine. It serves to focus attention on the literary and cultural life of the University and provides the students with a medium of self-expression. It is a necessary aid to the fostering of extra-academic life in the University. The main objective of the Ravi is to explore and bring out literary talent among the students.

Ravi was started in June 1906. In the beginning, it was published on annual basis, and was confined to records only. However this function of the Ravi was abandoned and it was raised to the status of a monthly magazine for students in 1906. It has continued to grow and flourish with grace down to the present year. Ravi has now become a permanent feature of the University, increasing in flow, force and volume. At present it is published at regular intervals in three languages: English, Urdu and Punjabi. It is regarded as a major literary magazine in the country and is redolent of the growing Ravian tradition.

The Ravi 2015 Full Text (English/Urdu)
2015 Editorial Staff (English Section)

Prof. Dr. Saadat Hassan Saeed
Prof. Dr. Nosheen Khan
Aitzaz Arif
Maryam Tahira Naqvi. Awais Ahmad Malik.
Saad Kaleem Zafar. Sabiha Anum. Areeba Nadeem

Associate Editors:
Faisal Ahmad. Daniyal Ahmad. Hassan Qadeer Butt.
Rimsha Ather. Aaiza Nadeem Ghauri. Hamza Abbas

Assistant Editors:
Raza Gillani. Ibreez Shabkhez. Haniya Humayun.
Syed Hassan Haadi. Hamza Waseem. Haris Ali Virk
FAX: +92-42-99213341  
2015 Editorial Staff (Urdu Section)

مدیر منصرم
پروفیسر ڈاکٹر سعادت سعید

ڈاکٹر خالد محمود سنجرانی

حافظ محمد جنید رضا

شریک مدیران
صبیحہ انعم، اسامہ ضوریز
فہد محمود سوختہ

معاون مدیران
فواد ارشد، عابد طالب
محمد اشعر

FAX +92-42-99213341