The Department of Persian was established in 1864. Persian was introduced as a discipline at the Postgraduate level in 1981. Dedicated teachers have given their best to the department. Research and creative activities are counted among the strengths of the department.

Highly qualified and eminent academicians have been engaged by the Department to meet the challenges of advanced courses. The following eminent scholars and men of letters have served as Chairpersons of the Department:

  • Maulvi Alamdar Hussain
  • Maulana Muahmmad Hussain Azad
  • Qazi Fazal-e-Haq
  • Dr. Rasheed Ahmad
  • Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum
  • Mirza Maqbool Baig Badakhshani
  • Prof. F.D. Razi
  • Prof. Manzoor-ul-Haque Usmani
  • Dr. Zahoor-ud-Din Ahmad
  • Dr. Hamid Khan Hamid
  • Dr. AghaYameen
  • Dr. Zahir Ahmad Siddiqi
  • Dr. Muhammad Sarwar
  • Prof. Muhammad Anwar Khan Warraich
  • Prof. Muhammad Rafique
  • Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Saqib