The subject of Law was introduced for the first time at BA(Hons) level in the year 2004 under the Department of Political Science. The course of Law, being an allied subject, focuses on inculcating legal norms and knowledge, prevalent in the country, in the students of GCU, Lahore. Presently the Department of Law is working under the umbrella of the Department of Political Science.

Law is a foundation course for students who wish to take the subject as a full time option later on during the course of their studies. This introductory course aims to familiarize students with the nature and functions of law and its role in contemporary society. It also includes updated information regarding developed legal systems; and the legal system of Pakistan as it exists today.

The Department of Law has its own society known as "The Law Society", which holds meetings regularly and organizes various cocurricular activities.

LAW SOCIETY holds meetings and organises co-curricular events and activities on a regular basis.