International Students' Admissions

Vice Chancellor's Message

If there could be heaven on earth, we the Ravians think, it would be here within the four walls of Government College University Lahore (GCU)! Let me welcome you to our community, and I hope that you will draw same level of inspiration from this prestigious institute as your predecessors have done, including myself, for over 150 years.

A cursory glance at the GCU's illustrious history bears a testimony to the enviable role Ravians have played in this global world. Whether it is in science, music, drama, poetry, sports, or law and administration, Ravians have left their imprint on every domain.

My dear prospective international students, when you prefer GCU to other institutes around the world, I would like you to know how we will help you develop a unique expertise and personality. The tradition of teaching and research has been made to flourish in the GCU. The temperament and self-control which is required to become a successful scientist is best developed here. How else would two of our alumni make it to the pedestal reserved exclusively for the Nobel Laureates?

To build character of its members, the society generally teaches us to be ambitious, competitive, adamant, self-serving and victorious whereas here, at GCU, we inspire you to prefer failure over using unfair means. We beseech you to contribute to making the world around you a better place to live in rather than deploring its materialistic inclinations. We imbibe these values by helping you simulate life-like situations in games, theatre, debates, and social services projects run by various students' clubs and societies.

I wish to invite all of you, the exuberant young members of our global world, to join this historic citadel of learning. I promise that we will help you achieve your ideals with compassion, integrity and a vision for an egalitarian world.