Institute of History


Department of History is one of the prominent centres of historical research and teaching in South Asia. Established in 1864, it has a tradition of excellence exemplified by eminent historians such as HLO Garrett, Abdul Hamid, Vishwa Nath Datta, Syed Razi Wasti, Sher Muhammad Grewal, Tahir Kamran, Jamal Malik, and AZM Iftikhar-ul-Awwal.

We aim to contribute to the knowledge economy by conveying the uniqueness, multiplicity, and complexity of the human and material past. We provide excellence in teaching and research by enabling students to differently inquire about the history and appreciate that each pedagogy and scholarship has its own value. Academic freedom nurture analytical and critical skills among our students and faculty regardless of their background. We produce and transmit historical knowledge for a better understanding of diverse societies, cultures, and political systems.

Located off the historic Mall Road, GCU is close to the old Walled City of Lahore, as well as the National History Museum and Lahore Museum, GCU’s History Department is ideal for students passionate about understanding the past.

The following renowned historians and scholars served the Department as Heads at various times since the inception of Pakistan.

Namdar Khan (1947-54)
Prof Dr Abdul Hameed (1954-65)
Prof M. Amjad Butt (1965-67, 1982-88, 1989-90)
Dr S. Razi Wasti (1967-82, 1988-89)
Dr Farhat Mahmud (1990-96)
Prof Syed Masood Raza Rizvi (1996-99)
Prof lftikhar Ahmad Ch. (1999)
Prof Javaid Ahmed Shiekh (1999-2003)
Dr. Tahir Kamran 2003–2010
Dr Farhat Mahmud 2010-2011
Mohammad Ibrahim 2011-2015
Prof. Tahir Kamran 2015-2019
Prof. Tahir Mehmood 2019
Dr. Hussain Ahmad Khan 2019-todate