The Department of Economics at GC University is providing quality education at the undergraduate, postgraduate level and professional disciplines related to Banking and Financial Economics, Entrepreneurship and SME management. It is committed to achieving academic excellence by producing quality graduates and research in the field of economics and finance.

The Department of Economics has a long distinguished history of widening the horizons of its students and helping them to gain knowledge required for competing internationally. The graduates of the department have achieved preeminence in various spheres of life. They are working at various national and international organizations, financial institutions, non profit sector besides serving on the boards of various banks and multinational organizations.

Apart from imparting quality education, we focus on character-building, grooming and personal development of our students through active participation in co curricular activities organized by various Societies. These activities include seminars, workshops, debates, quizzes and dialogues on current and emerging economic and financial issues which make life at GCU fruitful, productive enjoyable.

Since its establishment, the Department of Economics has been one of the leading Departments of GC University Lahore. The Department has been chaired by eminent academic luminaries like:

  • Prof. U. Kramat,
  • Prof. M. Rashid,
  • Prof. Ishfaq Ali Khan
  • Prof. Fiza-ur-Rehman,
  • Prof. Shams-ut-Tauheed,
  • Prof. A. S. Khalid,
  • Prof. Hamid Yamin Dar,
  • Prof. Khalid Aftab,
  • Prof. Shoaib Hashmi,
  • Prof. Muhammad Aslam