Posted on 2021-08-06

Webinar on Life under Occupation - The Misery at the Heart of the Conflict

A webinar on Life under Occupation: The Misery at the Heart of the Conflict was held here at the Government College University Lahore under the auspices of its Palestine Society.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi chaired the webinar which was addressed by Mr. Refaat Alareer, who lives in Gaza and is the editor of “Gaza Writes Back,” a collection of short stories.

In his key-note address, Mr. Alareer shed light upon the gravity of the situation in Palestine, saying that “it’s time to stand against the injustice happening over the land of Palestine; people around the world should put pressure on their respective governments and political representatives to sever economic ties with Israel.”   
"The resistance against the brutality of Israeli forces has to be raised globally to make the voice of Palestinians heard by the whole of humanity," he said.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi said injustice should never be tolerated in any region of the world; until the Kashmir and Palestine issues are resolved, the dream of peace in the world will never come true. He talked about how Qibla e Awal is significant to all Muslims and the student body of GCUPS looks for every possible opportunity to support and highlight the cause.

Advisor GCUPS, Ms. Sumera Khalil also addressed the webinar which was followed by questions answer session.

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