Posted on 2021-07-30

VC requests Governor to approve allowance for GCU staff

 Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, the Vice Chancellor of Government College University Lahore, has requested Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar to approve the disparity allowance 2021 for his university employees to reduce discrimination in salaries.

In the letter, Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi wrote that “a structure of Unified Pay Scale was established in 1972 for all government servants. However, since 2009, disparities in salaries have occurred after various government establishments were allowed 100pc to 300pc of the basic pay as allowance”.

 "This tax revision, coupled with inflation, has had a serious adverse impact on government servants whose take-home salaries were actually reduced even in nominal terms," he said.

He also reminded the governor that the government did not allow any increase in salaries in the budget 2020-21.

The vice chancellor also wrote about recent discrimination with university employees, stating that special allowance has been granted to government employees BS (01-19) this year in July but it has been specified that it is not admissible to the employees of autonomous bodies.

"This categorisation has created discomfort and unrest among GCU employees," he said.

The VC said he, being the competent authority, requested the governor to approve the grant of special allowance 2021 to GCU employees.


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