Posted on 2023-04-26

GCU transiting to Hybrid Teaching Methods

The GC University Lahore has successfully transitioned to a hybrid teaching model that combines both online and in-person instruction during a single semester. During the holy month of Ramadan, all classes were held online using MS Teams and Zoom to provide relief to faculty and students.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Syed Asghar Zaidi commended the faculty for the successful completion of online classes during Ramadan and announced that the administration is considering a permanent hybrid teaching model to address rising energy costs, pollution and inflation. He emphasized the importance of exploring renewable energy options while running public spaces in developing countries like Pakistan, saying, "My vision is not just for the university in the next few months but for decades ahead."
Dr. Zaidi also noted that it is not feasible to continue running public sector universities in Pakistan without incurring significant losses, making it necessary to explore options like hybrid teaching models to ensure sustainable growth.
He further highlighted that rising fuel costs have made transportation less affordable for both students and faculty, and a hybrid model would not only reduce conveyance expenditures but also significantly decrease pollution in the city. The university is already taking steps to address environmental issues and introduce renewable energy alternatives, such as solar power, and there is an emphasis on plantation and decarbonisation to combat issues related to climate change.
To facilitate the transition to hybrid and online learning modes, the university has started investing in its campus management system, by upgrading the IT hardware and encouraging the use of artificial intelligence tools to enhance teaching. Dr. Zaidi proudly announced that some faculty members have already incorporated AI into their classroom teaching.
Overall, GC University's successful transition to a hybrid teaching model demonstrates a commitment to sustainable growth and innovation in education, setting an example for other institutions in the country.

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