Posted on 2022-01-27

GCU initiates replenishment project to accelerate groundwater recharge

Groundwater serves as a critical resource for clean water used for multiple crucial purposes but Lahore continues to experience dwindling groundwater supplies because of over extraction.
Keeping in view, the Government College University Lahore has initiated an on-campus groundwater water replenishment project in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan to artificially accelerate the groundwater recharge for future generations in Lahore.
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi said that all the runoff water gathered in different parts of the main campus during rains would be channeled to the replenishment site constructed in the University’s Oval Ground to recharge the aquifer.
Prof. Zaidi said this project would also help our faculty and students of Sustainable Development Study Centre to advance their research in quantitative estimation of recharge rate and evaluating the quality of water through installation of real time monitoring system to check contamination in water.
The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the efforts of SDSC Director Prof. Dr Faiza Sharif and the staff of Engineering Cell for this on-campus water replenishment project.
Usman Ijaz, senior project officer of Freshwater Programme at WWF Pakistan, also shed light on the importance of replenishing aquifers for future generations. He also conducted an environmental training workshop at GCU, and handed over completion letter to Prof. Zaidi.

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