Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences

Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS)

Established in 2003 as an independent center for mathematical sciences, the school is affiliated with the Government College University, Lahore. Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) has rapidly evolved into a center of excellence for research as well as advanced learning in mathematical sciences; More than one hundred and forty students have already received doctorates in Mathematics since the school's inception. The school aspires to be a center of excellence in mathematical sciences carrying out cutting-edge research which pushes the frontiers of knowledge and to be a place which

"help men who are creative and deep and active and struggling scholars and scientists to get the job done that it is their destiny to do."
Robert J.Oppenheimer

The school aims to achieve this by providing faculty and the students with all the help they need and the facilities they require to carry out the work that is their destiny to do. The school makes every effort to provide quality education to its graduate students by engaging the faculty which is best in the world in their areas of expertise. A testament to these efforts, ASSMS was named among the three Emerging Regional Centers of Excellence by the European Mathematical Society in 2011. The school takes various initiatives for disseminating to the Pakistani academic community the latest developments in mathematical sciences. The school organizes a large number of seminars, colloquia, research schools, intensive courses and lecture series which are open to all students and faculty in the country.

The school offers full-time MPhil and Ph.D. programs in Mathematics. The students are admitted to the MPhil program based on their GPA in the undergraduate studies, performance in the admission examination and the interview conducted by the faculty of the school. In the past, the school had an MPhil leading to Ph.D. program in which students who performed well in the MPhil continued their studies for the Ph.D. degree. Starting in 2016 the school eliminated MPhil leading to Ph.D. program on the recommendation of the HEC and admission to the Ph.D. program now requires a separate admission examination. MPhil Program of the school is of two-year duration with each academic year divided into two semesters. In the first two semesters, the students take courses and the last two semesters are devoted to working on a thesis. The coursework in MPhil requires students to take ten core courses which cover all important areas of mathematics. Students with MPhil, MS or an equivalent degree in mathematics can apply for admission to the Ph.D. program and are admitted after passing an admission test prepared by the faculty of the school. During the first two semesters, the students in the Ph.D. program take various courses from a list of core courses which would be of help in their research. The students have to pass a comprehensive examination after finishing the coursework and before starting research. The school has 63 graduate. students at the moment. Keeping in mind the best international practices and unlike most public sector universities the school provides all its students financial assistance to ensure they can devote all their time to coursework and research.

Email: info@sms.edu.pk