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On behalf of the community of students, faculty and staff at the Government College University, Lahore, I welcome you warmly to our web pages.

Since its inception in 1864, the GC University Lahore has been one of the leading higher education institutions in Asia. We are honoured that the spiritual father of our nation, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, is an alumnus of GCU, and proud that two Nobel laureates, Har Gobind Khorana and Abdus Salam, are also amongst our past colleagues. Our Ravians, young and old, have been contributing strongly to the shaping and development of Pakistan.

For the last 156 years, we have pursued, nurtured and celebrated excellence in a wide variety of disciplines. It is no coincidence that our motto “Courage to Know” is a call to students, faculty and staff members alike to realize their fullest potential and the University’s mission.

Indeed, there is a lot to be proud of in our achievements – yet, there is little time to rest on these laurels. The strategic need is to develop the potential of GC University to maximize our contributions to our youth and to the rest of society.

I have identified the following goals for my tenure as the Vice Chancellor of this most prestigious institution:

  1. Education: Improving the quality of teaching as part of our drive towards raising the quality of higher education in Pakistan and contribute towards the country-wide social investment currently underway. Aligned with this goal, we will also increase the reach of higher education to under-privileged segments of our youth and improve the employability of our graduates.
  2. Research: Strengthening our research and innovation base and linkages to industries and policy-making communities and in the process becoming a leading institution of applied research. As an example, we aspire to establish new Centres of Excellence linked with public policy and governance, public health and population ageing.
  3. Internationalisation: Promoting the GCU’s links to international academic partners to enhance international exchange programmes for faculty and students and extending our international collaborations with overseas Pakistanis.
  4. Infrastructure: Modernizing the state of university infrastructure through refurbishment of old campus facilities. Our other immediate challenges include populating the newly built campus at Kala Shah Kaku; and enhancing the quality of living experiences of students and staff by building new hostels and residences and improving the conditions of our existing hostels.
  5. Governance: Improving processes of admissions, appointments and promotions. Upgrading the IT structure to support digitalization of the campus management system, by setting up a new Directorate of Information Technology. Improving engagement with students, faculty and staff by setting up VC’s web portal. Developing comprehensive HR policy to attract and retain the best talent at GCU.

Also, we would do all that is possible in maintaining the strong traditions of sports, cultural and co-curricular activities through our societies and clubs for effective engagement of students on our campuses. Through societies and clubs, we will continue to bestow pride to our students for being a Ravian.

In my first address to colleagues at GCU in 2019, I pledged to initiate the changes necessary for these goals, with the ultimate aim of restoring this University to a place amongst the highest ranked universities. I believe in our ability to rise to these challenges, and so lift up the profile of the Government College University to its rightful place

Generations of students, staff and alumni like yourself have added on to the repertoire of our great institution, and I am confident that Ravians will carry on this tradition to the glory of their Alma Mater and our country.

I look forward to working alongside you in serving this great institution and our homeland.

Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi (T.I)
Vice Chancellor,
Government College University, Lahore
(updated on: 03-01-2020)

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