University Instruments and Maintenance Laboratory (UIML)


The University Instruments and Maintenance Laboratory (UIML) was established, with its aim to offer services in terms of Maintenance and Repairing of scientific equipment available in different departments of the GC University, Lahore. Now, the UIML provides its support for repairing and maintenance of scientific instrumentation, laboratory equipment throughout GC University, Lahore. This partnership is achieved through competent staff, suitably equipped facilities, and the array of services available to both faculty and students. UIML is staffed by experts who maintain and repair all types of mechanical, electronic, and electrical instruments. The UIML also provides PC-related hardware and software support to various academic and non-academic departments of GC University,Lahore.

The mission of UIML is to facilitate, faculty, staff and students by providing prompt, reliable equipment repair and maintenance service for various types, makes and models of scientific equipment

Capabilities and Specialties

The University Instrument and Maintenance Laboratory is located at Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (CASP). Technical experts at UIML offer troubleshooting and repair services for a wide range of equipment and apparatus, and their duties include fault finding, modification, repair, and maintenance of many types of equipment. There are four sub-sections in UIML. A brief description of each section is as:

Electrical Section:

The electrical section provides a full maintenance and repair service to the electric apparatus found at GC University. Some examples are:

·         Sine wave smart UPS ·         Online UPS
·         Microwave Oven ·         Stabilizer
·         Electrical Motor ·         Stablizer Servo motor
·         Electric kettel ·         Power supplies (all types
·         Electric fan ·         RO controller
·         Electric heater ·          



Electronics Section:

The electronics section provides a full maintenance and repair service to laboratory and scientific Instruments. Some examples are

·         Centrifuges ·         Temperature Controlled Water Bath
·         Shakers of all types ·         Distillation Units/ water filter unit RO’s
·         Hotplate/stirrers Magnetic ·         Magnetic stirrer
·         Incubators ·         Hot plates
·         Electronic Weighing Balances ·         Fume hoods
·         Ovens, incubators ·         PH Meters
·         Manual and Auto Claves ·         Electrophoresis Apparatus
·         Flask Shakers ·         Microtomes
·         Kymograph Apparatus ·         Signal Generators
·         Spectrophoto Meters ·         HV Boards (Pulse Processors)
·         Humidifiers ·         Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Reactors
·         Vacuum pumps ·         Ozone Generators
·         Digesters ·         Kjeldahl Apparatus
·         Water Chiller Units ·         Heating Mantle
·         Oscillators ·         HV Trigger Units
·         Laminar Airflow ·         Amplifiers
·         Microscopes ·         Logic Trainer
·         Micro Tones ·         Free fall apparatus
·         Centrifuge Machine ·         Analog and digital CRO’s
·         Furnace ·         Programmeable power supples
·         Fixed ad Variable Supplies ·         High Volume Air Sampler
·         Timers ·         Rotary Pumps


IT Section:

This section troubleshoot PC-related hardware and software problems. Their duties include repair, Installation of hardware, and software components. Some Examples are:

·         Branded and Non-Branded Central Processing units (CPU) ·         Networking LAN and WAN
·         Printers ·         Windows Installations
·         Scanners ·         Monitors
·         Multimedia Projectors ·         LCD/LED screens
·         Desk Jet Printer ·         Ink Jet Printer
·         Laser Printer ·         Dot Matrix Printer
·         Hard Disk Data Recovery ·         Lap Top
·         Computer Power Supply ·         DVD/CD
·         Ethernet Switch ·         DC Adapter


Mechanical Section:

Our mechanical section involves in repair, and rebuilding of  machinery and scientific instruments. Some examples are:

·         Cutting and Polishing Of  Metals
  • Hole punching
·         Polishing of Materials
  • Sandblasting
·         Repair of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps
  • Sheetmetal Bending
·         Mechanical Safety  valves ·         Manual Milling
·         Surface Grinding ·         All kinds of gears

Technical Consultation

The UIML can also provide technical consultation/advice on any electrical/electronic/electromechanical/PC (hardware) related issues and on the purchase of specific equipment and components.

Standard Operating Procedures: Submitting Work to the UIML

UIML provides services when a request from the department is received. Work Process flow chart explains procedure details:


  • On-site service is also available when deemed necessary or instruments that are too sensitive or bulky to be transported conveniently
  • Priority service is also provided for emergencies


Dr. Tousif Hussain
Associate Professor
GCU Lahore
Sr. No. Name Designation
01 Dr. Tousif Hussain In charge UIML
02 Mukhtar Ali Qamar Computer Support supervisor
03 Muhammad Dilnawaz Deputy Superintendant
04 Abid Rasool Sub Engineer
05 Muhammad Tayyab Technician
06 Asif  Iqbal Technician
07 Waseem Shahzad Technician
08 Hafiz Athar Sr. Lab Attendant
09 Mohsin Raza Helper
10 Muhammad Mushtaq Helper