Limited Transport facilities are available for the students on specific routes on payment. The Transport Office generally starts issuing passes for the new year from the date the first year admission lists are displayed in the University. As the seats are limited, passes are issued on first come first served basis by the Transport Office of the University. New passes are issued every year. The payment is made on yearly basis (September to June) for availing the facility. Student may contact the Transport Officer in this connection. In case of any difficulty, Director Facilities can be contacted.

Instructions for Bus Cards

  • Transport Charges: Rs. 18,000/- (per academic year) 1 September to 30th June.
  • Required Documents for Bus Card:
    • University ID card Photocopy or Fee Challan Photocopy
    • Attested 1×1 Photographs (03).
  • Quota: 10 Seats for 1 year / 2 year class in each route. (Bus passes issued on first come first served basis).
  • Booking for University Transport with date will be displayed on GCU Website after display of Merit Lists in GCU Lahore.
  1. Bus Card Forms Issue Dates & Venue:         18th July, 2019 to 28th July, 2019 (GCU Reception).

    (For First Year Class 2019-21)

  1. Bus Card Forms Issue Dates & Venue:         22nd July, 2019 to 09th August, 2019 (GCU Reception).

    (For All Other Classes)

  1. Bus Card Forms Submission Dates and Venue mentioned given below:-
Year of Classes Submission Date & Venue
F.A / F.Sc. Year-I 29 to 31 July, 2019 & 5th to 7th August, 2019
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Old / Salam Hall)
F.A / F.Sc. Year-II 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
BA / B.Sc. (Hons) Year-II 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
BA / B.Sc. (Hons) Year-III 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
BA / B.Sc. (Hons) Year-IV 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
MBA/MS/M.Phil 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
Faculty / Staff Members (All) 19 to 21 August, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
(Salam Hall)
  1.   Fee Challan Forms (Bus Charges, Rs. 18,000/-) shall be issued after approval of Director Facilities subject to the availability of seats within 05 days.
  1. Seat Quota allocated for different classes shall be strictly adhered to.


a. 1st Year / 2nd Year class: (10 Seats for each route)
b. B.A / B.Sc (Hons): (10 Seats for each Year, i.e. I, II, III & IV)
c. M.A / M.Sc.: (04 Seats for each M.A / M.Sc. Department)
d. MBA/MS/M. Phil: (04 Seats for each M.Phil Department)

Director Facilities

Bus Routes

Revised Bus Roots for 2020-2021 Click here

Bus Form Download

From GCU to Thokar Niaz Baig, Cement Factory, Canal View, Azam Garden, Mansoora, Multan Chungi, Mandi Stop, Awan Town, Kharak Nala, Bijlee Ghar (Multan Road), Scheme Morr, Yateem Khana Chowk, Samanabad Morr, Chuburgi and back to GCU Lahore.

From GCU to Kharak Nala, Masjid Stop, School Stop, Karim Market (Sikandar Block, Raza Block), Jora Pull, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Moon Market, KFC, Kali Khothi, Scheme Mor, Yateem Khana, Moon Market (Dubble Road), Samanabad, Chuburgi and back to GCU Lahore.

Abu Bakar Chowk (wapda town), Expo Center, Doctor Hospital, Via Canal Road  wafaqi Colony, Kareem Market, Moon Market (Allama Iqbal Town), Kali Kothi Via Multan Road Back to GCU

From GCU to Akbar Chowk, College Road, M. Ali Chowk, Butt Chowk, Ghazi chowk, Ameer Chowk, Wapda Town 1st Goal Chakar, Shoukat Khanum Hospital, Shadiwal Chowk, Takbeer Chowk, Allah hoo Chowk, Ashook Chowk, Jinnah Hospital, Shah di Khoi via Canal Road Back to GCU

Gcu to Via Feroze Pur Road Qainchi, Workshop,  Korrey Stop, Adil Hosp, Bari Masjid DHA, Ghazi Chowk, Bilal Store, Bhatta Chowk, Gulshan Colony, Toyota Stop, DHA Phase VIII, Askari gate 1, 2, 3, Rahat Bakery, Fotress Stadium, Back to GCU Via Mall Road.

From GCU to Muslim Town Mor, Wahdat Road, Abpara, Naqsha Stop, Dak Khana Stop, Bank Stop, School Stop, Bekhywala Mor, Ghazi Shaheed Chowk, Faisal Town Mor, Kotha Pind, Gourmet, Mochipura, ,Kashmir chowk, Pindi Stop, Hamdrad Chowk, Kotlakhpat  Model Town, Model Town A Block Market(Goal Chakkar), Model Town Mor, Ichhra, Shama and back to GCU Lahore.

From GCU to Quaid-e-Azam Interchange, Salamat Pura, Darogawala, Akhari Mint,Suk Naher, Shalimar Chowk, Bhagban Pura, Sing pura Mandi, Begum pura, UET Gate -3,Copper Store, Ghari Shaho,  Railway Colony, back to GCU Lahore Via Lakshmi Chowk.

Narowal Chowk, Mujhid Hotal, MCB, Bangla Pully, Tehsil HQ, Manuabad, Ravi Rayan, SA Garden, Kali Khoti, Back to GCU Main Campus Via GT Road

GCU to sadder Goal Chakkar, Askari-9, Murghi Khana, Jorra Pull, via Pepsi Road Harbanspura, taj Bagh, Aziz Pully, Fath Garh, Nova Pull, Lall Pull, Mughal Pura, Dharampura Pull, Back to GCU Via Mall Road

GCU to Kahna and back to Aloo Road, Gajumatta, Youhanabad, Nishter, Pak-Arab, Zia Hospital, Chungi Amer Sadhu, General Hospital, Qainchi, Workshop, Boy-scout Stop, Railway Flat, Walton, Bank Stop, Sharif Market, Koray Stop, Defense Mor, Cavalry Ground, Firdos Market Chowk, Liberty Chowk, Gulberg Main Market, Jail Road, Tolinton Market Mor, China Chowk, Mall Road back to GCU.

Note: The routes can be changed, altered / amended or cancelled due to Administrative or Security reasons.

Parking Facilities

Due to space constraints, no parking facility for cars and other vehicles can be provided by the University. Only limited facility is available for motorcycles and bicycles. Parents are advised to arrange pick and drop services for their children and discourage car use. However, in case car use is unavoidable, a local car park is available on Chatterjee Road/Kabir Road and Katchery Road which can be availed.. Students are advised to use this local parking facility. Car parking in front of the University is strictly prohibited due to following reasons:

  1. It is a No Parking Area. Police is liable to lift away the vehicles parked there.
  2. It is a security hazard.
  3. It creates traffic jams.
  4. Many vehicles have been stolen from there as vehicles are left unattended.

University takes no responsibility for the vehicles parked anywhere.