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Student Societies – GC University, Lahore

Welcome the GCU’s world of Student Activities. Being at university is probably the best opportunity that you will ever have to participate in such a wide range of activities Government College University has always provided its students  rich opportunities for overall development. A round of intellectual, cultural and sports activities engage the students on any working day.

Whether you are a prospective, current, or ex-student, we hope you will find what you are looking for on our site. All the University’s societies function under the guidance of advisors. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact Prof. Dr. Athar Baig, Chairman Societies Board GCU Lahore.

S.# Name of Society  Advisor  Starting Year Founder
1 Astronomy Society Prof. Dr. Ali Iqtidar Mirza (Geography)


1 Blood Donor Society Dr. Babar Naseem Assi, (Persian)


2 Debating Society (GCUDS) Muhammad Siddiq Awan (English)


Mr. Muhammad Umer Khan (co-Advisor)

Mr. Imran Feroze (Co-Advisor)

3 Disease Awareness and Prevention Dr. Naila Malkani



4 Disaster Risk Management Society Dr. Ali Iqtadar Mirza (Geography) 2012 Prof. Dr. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman
5 Dramatics Club (GCUDC) Mr. Sameer Ahmad (English)


6 Environmental Protection Society (EPS) Dr. Faiza Sharif


Ms. Laila Shahzad


7 Hiking and Mountaineering Club Syed Yasir Usman (Geography) 1998 Dr. Athar Hussain Shah
8 Horticultural Society Dr. Zaheer-ud-Din Khan (Bot)


1991 Dr. Zaheer ud Din Khan
9 Kashmir Society  


10 Library Society Ms. Samreen Lateef (Library)


1999 Abdul Waheed
11 Majlis-e-Iqbal Dr. Safeer Hayder (Urdu)


12 Majlis-e-Soofi Tabassum Dr. Aqsa Sajid (Persian)


13 Media Watch Society Mr. Musadiq Sultan


2011  Prof. Dr.Ikram-ul-Haq
14 Nazir Ahmad Music Society (NAMS) Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt (Political Science) 1930
15 Parliamentary Student Society Mr. Usman Amin Siddique

(Political Science)

2015 Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, SI
16 Photographic Club Prof. Dr. Erfan ullah Babar  (Advisor)

Mr. Syed Yasir Usman (Co-Advisor)

17 Ravian Forensic Society Dr. Umer Shafiq – Advisor

Ms. Sidra – Co-Advisor,

2011 Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh
18 Ravian Health and Sports Society Mr. Muhammad Waseem Akhtar (Philosophy) Advisor

Mr. Atif Shafiq (Philosophy)


19 Ravians’ Quiz Society Dr. Dr. Nasima Rehman (Urdu)


20 Rover’s Club Azhar Iftikhar (Advisor)

Khawaja Moosa Naik (Co-Advisor)

21 Punjabi Majlis Mr. M. H. Bazmi (Punjabi)


22 Sondhi Translation Society Dr. Saadat Saeed (Urdu)


23 Welfare Society Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt (Pol.Science)


2004 Dr. Khalid Aftab
S.# Name of Society Advisor Starting Year Founder Deptt.
1 Business Accounting and Finance Society Ali Raza Elahi 2008 Nisar Ahmad Economics
2 Arabic Society Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad 1965 Prof. Ashfaq Ali Khan Arabic & Islamic Studies
3 Biological Society Dr. Iram Liaqat 1907 Dr. Stephenson Zoology
4 Brett Philosophical Society Ms. Rubina Kokab, 2004 Prof. Brett Philosophy
5 Chawala Mathematical Society Dr. Nahid Akhtar 1970 Capt. Abdul Majeed Mathematics
6 Commerce Society Nosheen Rasool 2013 Economics
7 Dr. Mahbub-ul-Haq  Economics Society Ms. Saima Sarwar 1999 Dr. Muhammad Aslam Economics
8 Dr. Samar Physics Society Dr. Tauseef Hussain CASP
9 Dunnicliff Chemical Society Dr. Abid Nazir Gill 1985 H.B. Dunnicliff Chemistry
10 Economics Society Mr. Junaid Ahmad Noor 1967 Dr. Fiza ur Rehman Economics
11 Education Society Ms. Robina Murtaza 2001 English
12 Electronic Society Mr. Yasir Noor 2012 Dr. M. Saleem Khan Physics
13 Fine Arts Society Mr. Erfan ullah Babar 1998 Ms. Bushra Hameed Fine Arts
14 French Society Mr. Malik Arshad Mehmood English
15 Garrett Geography Society Mr. Khuram Chohan 1931 Geography
16 Garrette History Society Ms. Farzana Arshad 1968 H.L.O Garrett History
17 GCU Computer Science Society Mr. Nadeem Zafar 1999 Iftikhar Hussain Shah Computer Science
18 Jones Physics Society Dr. Gohar Abbas 1926 Physics
19 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Mr. Mohammad Amaad Uppal 2011 Management Studies Department (MSD)
20 Khorana Society of Biotechnology and Microbiology Dr. Ali Nawaz 2014 Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (IIB)
21 Majlis-e-Aloom-e-Islamiyah Dr. Farooq Haider Islamic Studies and Arabic
22 Majlis-e-Sufi Tabassum Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Saqib (Per.) 1956 Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Siddiqi Persian
23 Dr. Mohammad Ajmal Psychological Society  Dr. S. Salma Hasan 1965 Dr. Azhar Ali Rizvi & Ms. Duree Neer Goraya Psychology
24 Quaid-e-Azam Political Science Society Mr. Abdul Ijaz 1968 Prof. Saeed Osman Malick Political Science
25 Ravians Law Society Miss Sumaira Zafar Political Science
26 Ravians Entrepreneurial Society Mr. Uzair Ahson 2013 Economics
27 Statistical Society Ms. Shan-e-Fatima Statistics
28 Safdar Mir English Literary Circle Mr. M. Siddique Awan 2005 Dr. Waseem Anwar English
29 Young Journalists Society (YJS) Ms. Umm-e-Ammara Mass Communication
30 Young Ravian’s Club (YRC) Mr. Shahzad Saadat (Advisor)

Ms.Sadia Anjum


2020 Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi Intermediate Studies