Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Director QEC Message

An Institution like GC University Lahore can be at its best only when it knows where it has been and where it must go…

To maintain academic quality and standards in the Higher Education the institutions need to be professional, creative and innovative. The steps taken by Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) should not simply be regarded as an exercise in acquiescence but as a vehicle for improvement. The Vision, Mission and objectives are the core values when implemented in its essence, monitored and assessed are likely to be successful.

The purpose of establishing QEC at GC University Lahore is to determine the dissemination of information on current quality practices in curriculum, research, examination, assessment etc. The Consultative Working Groups (CWGs) will take responsibility for curriculum development and its administration, preparing guidelines for conducting research, strengthening the examination and assessment procedures in order to infuse a sense of ownership amongst the colleagues and bringing harmony at inter-departmental level.

The rationale of placing all these programmes and implementing them under the umbrella of QEC is not only to focus on maintaining the best faculty, administrative staff and students but to excel in research, academic performance, emerging interdisciplinary courses, strategic and integrated academic planning.

Our vision is Targeting Tomorrow in which we seek to anticipate emerging challenges. To achieve this we have to experience an intensive and rigorous effort so that our graduates of tomorrow are committed to public service and ensure an environment of equity and diversity. Targeting tomorrow can also be complemented with the premise that knowledge is power. We as custodians of this great institution have to inculcate in our students Courage to Know and to equip them with education and skills they need for personal development and growth.

Ms. Iram Sohail
Director/Advisor QEC
GC University Lahore