Program Officer (Music)

Program Officer (Music)

About the NAMS

Music is a purist form of art. Moreover it is the most essential part of all the cultures on this earth. It’s expression by human being and by instruments has been continued since the dawn of human evolution. This medium of expression is also found here and that is Nazir Ahmad Music Society.

The society was founded somewhere in 1930’s but with the name of “Culture Club”. later it was revived in 1950’s named as “Music Society” by Dr. Nazir Ahmed the former principal and professor of zoology. After his death in late 1980’s, it was named as “Nazir Ahmad Music Society”.

Objectives of NAMS

The main objective of this training is to polish these students and to make them little bit professional in this field of music along with their academics. Often they are provided an opportunity to perform in many functions/programme of GC University. Experience of these performances builds their confidence to perform at any forum and platform. So, the moment these student leave GC University, they have with them, an option of career.

Working of NAMS

It gives membership to the students having aptitude towards vocal and instrumental music. They are given training in their field of interest whatever is available here. They are taught grammar of notes, about rhythm and its practical application. Mostly this society emphasizes on practical and practice to these students to attain skill and proficiency during their stay with us in the session. The audio-visual recordings are also a medium of instruction and understanding to these students. We are already having guitar classes and soon will start violin classes. The main objective of this training is to polish these students and to make them little bit professional in this field of music along with their academics. Often they are provided an opportunity to perform in many functions/programmes of GC University and outside. Experience of these performances builds their confidence to perform at any forum and platform. So, the moment these students leave GCU, they have with them, an option of career




1929-1935 Khuwaja Khursheed Anwar * Composer
1932-1934 Balraj Sahni * Singer
1957-1959 Shakoor Baidil * Singer (Light)
1959-1964 Mushtaq Hashmi * Singer (Light)
1961-1963 Amjad Pervaiz * Singer (Light)
1967-1971 Tariq Farani * Flute Player, Composer
1970-1972 Azhar Pervez  * Pianist
1970-1974 Zahid Farani * Singer (Light & Classical)
1972-1974 M. Waji Ullah Singer (Light)
1972-1976 Nayyer Abbas Rizvi Banjo Player
1973-1975 Taranam Raza Singer (Light)
1973-1975 Sajid Ansari Singer (Light)
1973-1975 Akram Khan Sitarist
1973-1975 Mohsin Raza * Composer
1973-1975 Sharaft Ali Khan * Singer (Classical)
1974-1976 Liaquat Ali Violinist
1979-1983 Mazhar Hameed * Singer (Light)
1980-1982 Zahir Babar Singer
1980-1984 Abdul Rauf * Singer (Light & Classical)
1981-1983 Faheem Mazhar * Singer (Light & Classical)
1981-1983 Waris Baig * Pop Singer
1981-1985 Nadeem Ali * Pianist
1982-1984 Ayaz Yonas Drumist
1983-1985 Saeed Turk Kongo Player
1983-1987 Arshad Khokhar * Pianist
1983-1987 Muhammad Jawad * Singer (Light & Classical)
1984-1986 Nadeem Riaz Singer (Light)
1985-1987 Chand Zia Singer (Light)
1985-1987 Jawad Ahmad * Pop Singer
1985-1989 Waseem Haider Singer (Light)
1985-1989 Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan * Singer (Pop, Light & Classical)
1986-1988 Jamshaid Chishti Singer (Light)
1987-1991 Saleem Bazmi Singer (Light)
1987-1991 Imran Jafri Singer (Light)
1988-1992 Zeeshan Younis * Singer (Light)
1990-1995 Awais Rabbani * Pop Singer
1990-1996 Mateen Akmal Singer (POP)
1991-1993 Agha Iftikhar Singer (POP)
1991-1993 Raza Shaukat * Tabla Player
1991-1995 Rustam Fateh Ali Khan * Singer (Pop Light &Classical)
1992-1994 Ali Imran Shaukat * Folk Singer
1992-1994 Hadiqa Kiani * Pop Singer
1992-1994 Nafees * Tabla Player
1994-1998 Tahir Rizvi Keyboard Player
1994-1998 Ghulam Ali * Violinist
1995-2001 Asim Aqeel Singer (Pop)
1995-1997 Tabinda Riaz Singer (Light)
1995-1997 Huma Naz Sitarist
1996-1998 Ali Zafar * Pop Singer
1997-1999 Mussarat Abbas * Singer (Light)
1997-2001 Kashif Ali Flute Player
1997-2001 Salman Amant Tabla Player
1997-2003 Sajid Ali Fareedi * Singer (Light & Classical)
1999-2001 Irfan Khalid Keyboard Player
2000-2002 Farkhanda Amin Singer (Light)
2000-2004 Haroon Samuel * Tabla Player
2000-2006 Zaheer Abbas* Keyboard Player
2003-2005 Muhammad Waqar * Composer
2003-2005 Inam Ali Khan * Singer (Light & Classical)
2003-2005 Nadeem Abbas * Pop Singer
2003-2007 Jabar Abbas* Pop Singer
2007-2011 Saad Farooq Singer
2007-2011 Hassan Maqsood Singer
 * Professionally acclaimed at National and International Level after leaving the College/University


  • This society has been holding a regular weekly concert since 1981 in the music room.
  • The main purpose of this concert is to train the students and to make them aware of the deficiencies in performance.
  • This weekly programme is also meant for the education of audience to listen to music.
  • The weekly programme is not only a cultural pillar of GCU but by this, we are trying to protect our music heritage.
  • This society has also been performing for the noble causes whether these are for hospitals, national or international organizations. (Nobel Laureates) This exhaustic training, weekly performance, programmes for others and workshops with the American, British and German artists enabled this society by the grace of God to produce artists in the filed of classical, light, pop and instrumental music who are performing at national and international level presently.
  • Performance before President of Pakistan and Governor Punjab at Governor House, Lahore. Also performed at Al-hamrah Art Council Lahore, Civil Service Academy and National Institute of  Public Administration.
  • The society also conducted workshops and programmes will be American Consulate and British Council Lahore.


The Government College University Lahore Nazir Ahmad Music Society (GCU NAMS) has clean swept the All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC) with overall nine distinctions and also lifted the prestigious Syed Wajid Ali Trophy.

“It’s a great achievement for the Ravians as we have set a new record by winning the 48-year-old running team trophy for the tenth time. No other institution has done it better in the history of APMC,” said Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi while congratulating the winning team and Mr. Tariq Farani, the Incharge of NAMS.

Besides lifting the prestigious trophy, the GCU team also secured nine positions in various music competitions at the Conference. GCU student Wajid Mukhtar secured first position and the prestigious Roshan Aara Award in Classical Singing Contest. Zahid Hashmi, Aqib Nouman Ali and Saul Arif won the gold medals in Semi-Classical, Folk and Percussion competitions, while Kazim Rizvi and Arjumand Shahzeb were awarded silver medals. GCU students Abdullah Faheem, Azka Rafique and Gohar Iqbal secured the bronze medals at the All Pakistan Music Conference.

The Nazir Ahmad Music Society participated in the 15th All Pakistan Music Competition Chand Bagh on 1st December 2018. by the Grace of Allah Almighty, the Nazir Ahmad Music Society lifted the team trophy. (Alhamdolillah)!

The following students won positions in this competition.

  • Zain-ul-Abidenn (Gold Medal – Ghazal)
  • Amanat Ali Bela (Gold Medal – Folk)

The Nazir Ahmad Music Society participated in the APMC (All Pakistan Music Conference) competition on 6th November 2018. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, the Nazir Ahmad Music Society lifted the team trophy. (Alhamdolillah)!

The following students won positions in this event.

  • Wajid Mukhtar (Gold Medal – Ghazal)
  • Amanat Ali Bela (Gold Medal – Folk)
  • Indreyas Daud (Gold Medal – Percussion)
  • Saul Arif (Silver Medal – Percussion)
  • Rohan Abbas (Bronze Medal – Classical)
  • Rozi Shah (Consolation Prize – String Instrument)

A Ghazal & Folk Night was held here at the Quaid e Azam Hostel of Government College University Lahore. The singers and musicians from the university’s Nazir Ahmed Music Society (NAMS) enthralled the youth at the musical night with their melodious voice and famous Urdu ghazals and folk music.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Nouman Sawar Qureshi, the hostel superintendent, said NAMS was one of the biggest teaching centres of music and art in Pakistan as it produced galaxy of stars for Pakistan like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, Waris Baig and Jawad Ahmad. He said that the objective the musical evening was to provide in-house entertainment opportunity to boarders before their examinations.

The musical evening culminated in a Dhamal at a special Qawaali “Dama Dam Mast Qalander”. The NAMS Incharge, Mr Tariq Farahni, was also present on the occasion.

A cultural evening was held at the Government College University Lahore in the honor of 193 students from different colleges and universities of Baluchistan visiting the provincial capital under the “Youth Mobilization Campaign” of the Punjab government.

“We must be proud of our cultural diversity, and should adopt a pluralistic approach; accept, respect and appreciate each other’s culture, faith and languages,” said Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah while addressing the cultural evening which was marked by the melodious performances by the university’s Nazir Ahmed Music Society (NAMS). The officials of Higher Education Department, Punjab and senior faculty of GCU also attended the cultural evening.

Prof Shah said pluralism was not merely tolerance towards each other’s cultural differences; rather it also required knowledge, acceptance and appreciation for them. The VC said that GCU was a mini-Pakistan where students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds studied together and also learnt from each other. He said that a large number of students from Baluchistan also studied at GCU and were provided extensive support and scholarships as per guidelines by the Punjab government

Earlier, the GCU students enthralled the Baloch students with traditional music and cultural dance performances. The GCU and Baloch students together presented the Balochi cultural performance at end of the ceremony, which met with a loud applause. They also visited the atomic and laser research facilities, natural history museum, Naqoosh center, sports complex and Allama Iqbal’s room at GCU.

Students perform at “Concert of Heritage” at the Government College University Lahore. This concert is a decades-old tradition of the University’s Nazir Ahmed Music Society, in which students perform Classical, Semi-Classical, Folk, Ghazal, Pop, Rock and Instrumental Music.

Asad Ali President Nazir Ahmad Music Society GC University Lahore presented Kalam-e-Iqbal at Municipal Degree College Faisalabad. He got second position and awarded with silver medal. Usama Babar presented Arifana Kalam (Hazrat Sultan Bahoo) in Government Post Graduate College Jhang and got first position.

To commemorate Iqbal Day the Nazir Ahmed Music Society organized a program to celebrate it on 9th November 2015. In that event, Prof. Dr. Sadat Saeed presided over. The students of Nazir Ahmed Music Society performed different Kalam-e-Iqbal. In the end of event Prof. Dr. Sadat Saeed gave a speech on the poetry and philosophy of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Names of the students who performed at that event are given below:

  • Usama Babar
  • Asad Ali
  • Hina batool
  • Komal mirza
  • Suleman Waris
  • Umair Waseem
  • 3Coruses (boys)

An event was organized on Nov 10, 2015 by NAB in which 11 different institutions participated. In this competition, students of Nazir Ahmed Music Society secured different positions and participated in the event are mentioned below:

Usman Bashir 1st Position Folk
Asees Arshad 3rd Position Folk
Ambreen  Nasir 2nd Position Ghazal
Sajjad Ali 2nd Position Tabla

The Nazir Ahmad Music Society participated in the All-Pakistan Music Conference student’s competitions on 6th October 2015. The positions secured by our students are mentioned below against their names.

Asees Arshad
Asad Ali
Hina Batool
Komal Mirza
Sajjad Al
Haider Al
Faisal Abbas

Singer ( 1st position)
Singer ( 2nd position)


Mr. Tariq Salman Farani
Program Officer (Music)
GC University Lahore
UAN: 111-000-010 Ext 250