Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

About the GCU Research

The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is an initiative of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. The HEC has taken this step to enhance the capacity of the academic institutions to manage all research issues.

The main purpose of the ORIC is to develop, expand, enhance and manage the University’s research programmes and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the University and its broader community. The ORIC is also responsible for ensuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advances the stature of the University among the world’s best research institutions.

The ORIC is further responsible to guarantee that all research programmes and policies reflect the core values of academic freedom, professional integrity and ethical conduct and full compliance with all policies, legal requirements and operational standards of the University. The Syndicate GC University, Lahore in its 35th meeting held on November 22, 2011 entrusted the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) with the following functions and duties:

  • Formulating GCU policy and implementation strategies for research and innovation.
  • Coordinating and supporting national and regional research and innovation programmes.
  • Improving quality of GCU research journals! publications.
  • Creating uniformity, transparency and internal efficiency in prioritizing, planning, implementing and monitoring research projects at GCU.
  • Developing procedures for approval, control and monitoring of research projects.
  • Encouraging academic staff and researchers to promote research activities within the University.
  • Identifying and locating research funds and providing assistance to academic staff for preparing and sending research proposals to national and international funding agencies.
  • Coordinating MS/MPhil/PhD research programmes.
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding.
  • Improving and ensuring quality of research produced by faculty, researchers and students of GC University, Lahore, etc.
  • Coordinating advisory services of the University for the benefit of the Government Departments and Industries.
  • Commercialization of research results! products.
  • Arranging evaluation of research publications of faculty members and publishing of research journal’s of the University.
  • Providing recommendations and suggestions to Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) on regular basis and acting as Secretariat of Advanced Studies and Research Board.

Though, GC University, Lahore has a long and established tradition of research, emphasize is now shifted to the quality of output. Accordingly, we have re-designed our research programmes across disciplines to make this work meaningful and academically rewarding.

GC University allocates fairly large sum of money for the research projects of all departments and the allocation has been substantially increased over the years. This year GC University research allocation is Rs. 6.0 Million in addition to the research grants given by HEC, the Science Foundation, PTCL and other agencies. Consequently, we have managed to constantly improve the quality of research work in physical and social sciences besides increasing the scope of research activities. This work is carried out under the supervision of GC University Advanced Studies and Research Board. Please click Here for the list of Synopses of PhD Theses approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) GC University Lahore

At present, twelve foreign professors are working in different departments of GC University, Lahore on long-term basis. Some foreign professors are expected to join very soon. We also had a number of foreign visiting professors last year, who taught short courses in different disciplines during the academic session. Their presence on our campus has reinvigorated academic programmes and strengthened research activities.

The following major sponsored research programmes are in progress in Biotechnology Research Centre in collaboration with different Industries:-

  • Process development for celluloses production for industrial use (sponsored by HEC in collaboration with National Feed Industry, Sheikhupura).
  • Optimization of cultural conditions on the biosynthesis of xylanases by locally isolated Aspergillus niger (sponsored by Pakistan Science Foundation in collaboration with National Feed Industry, Sheikhupura).
  • Improvement of Aspergillus niger stain for citric acid production (sponsored by Pakistan Science Foundation in collaboration with Razo Chemicals, Lahore).
  • Improvement of a yeast strain for the biosynthesis of L-phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) (sponsored by HEC in collaboration with Alpha Chemical, Lahore).

University Society Interactive Group (USIG) has been established to promote interaction between the University and Society to enrich the intellectual and cultural resources of the University and reciprocally to fulfil the multidimensional needs of the clients of the University.

University-Industry Linkage Group (UILG) has been formed to explore the possibilities of Linkages between the University and the Industrial world.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established in GC University in November 2001 to develop linkages and research collaborations between GC University and Private Sector Industries. Following steps have already been taken in this connection:-

  • Inducted representative from industries in our Board of Studies as one of the members helping us to tailor our curricula in accordance with needs of the industrial market
  • Launched M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry Programme and the Internship in a leading industry of at least three months is the basic requirement of this programme.

GC University postgraduate departments are receiving research grants mostly from the foreign universities, like Strathclyde University, U.K., Cranfield University, UK, etc, World Bank, British Council, national institutes and organizations like PAEC, PSF, KRL, etc, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan and University’s own resources.

Science Departments like Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology are well equipped with the necessary equipment/instruments required for the research work. Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (CASP) has latest labs, including Laser lab, Material lab, Accelerator lab, Nano Technology lab, Plasm Focus lab. Computer Science Department has latest computing facilities including SUN SERVERS (Sun Solaris) for students and faculty. Testing and computer labs and Internet facility are available. Collaboration of the foreign faculty of Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) is available to carry on advanced research. Computer labs, internet facility, multimedia, overhead projector, air conditioned library, research lab and seminar room are available in various departments of Science and Arts (Humanities) group.

Research leading to a higher degree may be undertaken on an individual basis or as part of a team working on a specific project. For individuals, the possibilities are limitless, but since advice and guidance from your research supervisor is invaluable, it obviously makes good sense to choose an area where there is particular expertise among the staff.

Research opportunities are available in all Faculties, Schools/Centers of the University. Further information on research opportunities can be obtained from the Chairperson of the appropriate departments.

Sr. No. Name of Project / Proposal Funding Agency Approval Date Dept. Approved Cost


Completion Time (months) Expected Date of Completion
 1 A Research based Comprehensive Persian-Urdu Dictionary Project GCU 2003 Persian 1.2 10 31-12-2013
 2 Approximation Properties and Same Classes of Operators

PI: Oleg Ivanovich Reinov

HEC 5-10-2004 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 3 Researches on Infinite Factors of Words Over a Finite Alphabet

PI: Ioan Tomescu

HEC 26-4-2005 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 4 The American Put Option in One Dimensional Diffusion Model

PI: Malkhaz Shashiashvili

HEC 31-10-2005 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 5 Invariants for Conjugacy Braid Groups

PI: Barbu Berceanu

HEC 31-10-2005 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 6 Combinatorial Method in Commutative Algebra

PI: Mircea Becheanu

HEC 15-12-2005 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 7 Mapping Properties of Singular Integrals and Potentials in Weighted Function Spaces with Applications in PDE

PI: Alexander Meskhi

HEC 06-03-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 8 Finding Ramsey Numbers and Edge Magic Total Labeling on Particular Graphs

PI: Edy Tri Baskro

HEC 24-03-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 9 Longest Cycles and Hamiltoncity

PI: Tudor Zamfirescu

HEC 24-03-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 10 Lefschetz Property and Complete Intersections

PI: Dorin Popescu

HEC 19-04-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 11 Three Problems on Liner Dynamical System

PI: Vakhtang Lomadze

HEC 30-11-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 12 Duality Bounded-Ness and Exponential Stability for Evolution Families on Branch Spaces

PI: Constantin Buse

HEC 30-11-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 13 Two Problems in Commutative Ring Theory

PI: Tiberiu Dumitrescu

HEC 30-11-2006 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 14 An International Comparative Study on Student’s Personality: Values & Weil- Being Hong Kong / Pakistan 2007 Psychology Help Researchers from Hong Kong in date collection
 15 Convex Functions & Applications

PI: Constantin P. Niculescu

HEC 15-01-2007 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 16 Towards Classification of Simple Finite Dimension Modular Lie Superalgebras

PI: Dimitry Leites

HEC 06-02-2007 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 17 Unsteady Flow of an Old Royd-B & Fluid Between Two Side walls Prependicular to the Plate

PI: Constantin Fetecau

HEC 12-02-2007 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 18 Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics

PI: Jurgen Herzog

HEC 20-03-2007 ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
 19 Production of bioenergy from plant biomass

PI: Dr. Ikram ul Haq Khan

Ministry of Science and Technology 03-11-2007 Biotech 56.164 36 Extension Requested
 20 Production of Bioenergy from Plant Biomass MoST 2008 Biotechnology 56.164 48 30-06-2013
21 Seismological Studies

PI: Dr. Zaheer ud Din Khan

Gondwana TREE-RING Laboratory, New Zealand and Earth Conservatory Columbia University, New York, USA 2009 Botany 24 2011
22 Conservation Status of Flora of Punjab: Environmental Implications and Plant Red Data List for Punjab

PI: Dr. Zaheer ud Din Khan

HEC 01-04-2009 Botany 1.178901 36 2013
23 Agreement for Research and Product Development DESCON Chemicals 2010 Chemistry 2.3 36 June, 2013
24 Ethnofloristic Study of Sub-Tropical Zone of District Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

PI: Dr. Zaheer ud Din Khan (1st Annual report due)

HEC 19-3-2010 Botany 2.893678 36 2013
25 Establishment of magnetron Sputtering Device and Characterization Facility for Thin Film Deposition

PI: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (1st Annual report due)

HEC 18-10-2010 Physics 8.16768 24
 26 Total Solution Based Organic-Inorganic Solar Cells for Enhanced Efficiency and Stability

PI: Dr. Salamat Ali

HEC PAK- USAID 24-11-2010 Physics 20.495547 36 23-11-2013
27 Drought Reconstruction ofGilgit and the Hunza Valleys using Tree-rings (Co-PI) in Collaboration with Urdu Science University Karachi HEC 22-12-2010 Botany 2.279414 36 2013
28 GCU-ZEF Research Collaboration DAAD, Germany 2011 Pol. Science 0.10 36 Sep, 2014
29 Spatial distribution of freshwater Phytoplankton, with special reference to Harmful Algal Blooms in Southern Punjab, Pakistan

PI: Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen Butt (1st Annual report due)

HEC 25-01-2011 Botany 3.532 36 2014
30 Synthesis of Bioactive Benzofurans, Dihydroisocoumarins and Pyrimidines HEC 15-03-2011 Chemistry 0.50 12 22-03-2013
31 Enhanced production of L- lysine by bacteria in stirred fermentor for chick feed industry

PI: Dr. Mohsin Javed

Pakistan Science Foundation 06-06-2011 Biotech 1.9189 24 31-08-2013
32 Cloning and characterization of alpha amylase from Thermotoga petrophila for textile industry

PI: Dr. Ikram ul Haq Khan

Pakistan Science Foundation 06-06-2011 Biotech 2.684 24 31-08-2013
33 Bioactive Phytopharmaceuticals from Caryopteris odorata and Rhyncosia pseudo-cajan

PI: Dr. Muhammad Athar Abbasi

HEC 11-07-2011 Chemistry 1.468024 36 10-07-2014
34 Theoretical & Numerical Study of Different Electrostatic & Electromagnetic Modes with Two Temperature Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions

PI: Dr. Muhammad Nouman Sarwar Qureshi

HEC 29-09-2011 Physics 2.044488 36 28-02-2015
35 Restoring Dry Land Ecosystem & Threatened Native Vegetation in the Indus Plains of Southern Pakistan

PI: Dr. A. U. Khan

BGCI December, 2011 SDCS $US 0.0125 18 15-06-2013
36 Private Sector Agricultural R&D Inputs and Innovations in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sub-Saharan Region”

PI: Dr. Faheem Qureshi

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2012 Chemistry $ 0.500 24 August, 2011
37 Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on Some New N-Alkylated / Arenylated Sulfonamides bearing 1,4- Benzodioxane Moiety

PI: Dr. Muhammad Athar Abbasi

HEC 15-02-2012 Chemistry 2.308158 36 14-2-2015
38 Air cleaning system: Chemical kinetic control of pollutant gases over nanocatalysts SUPARCO 15-05-2012 Chemistry 1.0 12 15-05-2013
39 Capacity Building of Research Facilities of CASP

PI: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman

HEC 08-08-2012 CASP 14.189967 24 08-08-2014
40 Synthesis, characterization and application of lanthanide nano particles doped on ZnO, Ti02, Si02

PI: Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

TWAS, Italy 10-10-2012 Chemistry $ 0.01212 18 10-03-2013
41 Removal of organophosphorus pesticides using Fe Nanoparticles (Fe NPs) imbolized in cyclodextrin-silica matrix (Malaysian Ringgit = 159478.32 )

PI: Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

Universiti Sains Malaysia 14-12-2012 Chemistry 5.074628 24 14-12-2014
42 Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities of Sulfonamide Derivatives Bearing 1,3,4-Oxadiazole and Piperidine Nucleus

PI: Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman

HEC 11-01-2013 Chemistry 2.834988 36 10-01-2016
43 Bacteriostatic Applications of iron oxide doped tin oxide loaded with metals (Zn, CU and Ag) nanoparticles synthesized via hydrothermal method

PI: Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

PSF 12-03-2013 Chemistry 1.36 24 11-03-2015
44 Decyling Numbers of Graphs

PI: Sheng Bau

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
45 On Total Labeling of Graphs

PI: Martin Baca

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
46 Reiteration for the K- Interpolation Method and Applications

PI: Georgi Eremiev Karadzhov

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
47 Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Dynamic Control of Maximum Allowable Discharge (MAD) in Rivers with Ecological and Econmic Constraints

PI: Kartlos Joseph Kachiashvili

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
48 Mathematical Inequalities and Application

PI: Josip Pecaric

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
49 Yang-Mills Bar Equation and Applications

PI: Hong Van Le

HEC ASSMS 1.00 30-06-2013
50 Oral History British Academy History
51 ZEF Bonn University, Germany History
TOTAL       Rs. 211.8584

$ US 0.52462





Project Funding Agency Department Cost

(in Million)

Submission Date Status
1 Development of Biosorption Systems for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Waters

PI: Dr. Ikram ul Haq

HEC (Pak-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program) Biotechnology $ 0.504811 25-11-2010 Submitted to DG Research, Directorate of Research, Extension and Advisory Services, UET Lahore for further submission to HEC
2 Process Development for the Production of Thermostable Lipases for Industrial Use

PI: Dr. Ikram ul Haq

-do- Biotechnology $ 0.428802 -do- -do-
3 Process Development for the Production of Thermostable Phytase for Chick Feed Industry

PI: Dr. Ikram ul Haq

-do- Biotechnology $ 1.099643 -do- -do-
4 Capacity Building and Collaborative Research Development Novel Multi-Functional Nanostructured Carbon Materials

PI: Dr. Riaz Ahmad

-do- Physics $ 0.260865 -do- -do-
5 Inland Impacts of Environmental Pollution (Water and Air) From Local and Regional Sources in Lahore, Pakistan

PI: Dr. Islam Ullah Khan

-do- Chemistry $ 0.308152 -do- -do-
6 Synthesis of Various Therapeutic Agents Bearing 1,3,4-oxadiazole Nucleus using Natural Piperine

PI: Dr. Aziz ur Rehman

-do- Chemistry $ 0.396800 -do- -do-
7 Catalytic Activity of La/SnO2/Ni-SnO2 Nanoparticles Towards the Reduction of Organic Pollutants and Gas Sensors

PI: Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

-do- Chemistry $ 0.546300 -do- -do-
8 Entomological surveillance and molecular detection of dengue viruses in vector mosquitoes as an early warning tool for the control of dengue in Pakistan

PI: Dr. Nusrat Jahan

-do- Zoology $ 0.197181 -do- -do-
9 Capacity Building in the Preservation of Environment

PI: Dr. Zaheer ud Din Khan

HEC (Korean Grant Aid) Botany 184.134 03-04-2012 Approved by HEC and forward to S&T Division, Planning Commission for final approval.
10 Capacity Building and Human Resource Development in Cybernetics and Robotics

PI: Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan

HEC (Korean Grant Aid) Computer Science Dept. 125.986 03-04-2012 Approved by HEC and forward to S&T Division, Planning Commission for final approval.
11 Lanthanum Doped Tin Oxide-titanum Oxide Nano-photocatalyst and its Application in Development of Nanofiltration System for Industrial Waste Water Treatment

PI: Dr. Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh

HEC Chemistry 6.30 September, 2012 Submitted to HEC for approval
12 Environment Friendly and Sustainable Increase in Crop Yield of Chickpea

PI: Dr. Safdar Ali Mirza

HEC Botany 9.28545 21-11-2012 Submitted to HEC for approval
13 Improving Table Grape Production in Pakistan Utilizing Biotechnology and Innovative Vineyard Management Strategies

PI: Dr. Atif Yaqub

HEC (Pak-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program) Zoology $ 0.144035 22-11-2012 Forwarded to competent authority by Department of Zoology
14 Use of Beta Vulgaris as Potential Source for Food Dye

PI: Mr. Tariq Rizwan

Pakistan Science Foundation Botany 1.468596 11-12-2012 Submitted to Pakistan Science Foundation for approval.
15 Preparation and validation of ethnoveterinary herbal product for the control and treatment of trypanosomiasis (surra) in camels

PI: Dr. M. Fiaz Qamar & Dr. Nusrat Jahan

Research Project Under Pakistan Agriculture Research Board (Parb) Cgs System Zoology 21.659 Under review
16 Status and Assessment of Impact of Pollution on Amphibian Populations of Lahore, Pakistan

PI: Dr. Atif Yaqub

WWF, Pakistan Zoology 0.449 Approved by the Review Committee
17 Development of Wolbachia as an agent to block dengue transmission through mosquitoes in Paksitan

PI: Dr. Nusrat Jahan

Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program 2012 Zoology $ 0.359154 Submitted
18 Molecular and Morpho-anatomic Characterization of Aphyllophorales of some diversity rich sites in Swat Valley, their co-relation with below ground mycoflora

PI: Dr. Muhammad Hanif

HEC Botany 0.50 12-03-2013 (Startup Research Project Summary Sheet)

Submitted to HEC for approval

19 Biodiesel Production from Microalgae

PI: Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen Butt

HEC Botany 8.03275 11-04-2013 Submitted to HEC for approval
20 Synthesis of Bioactive Oxygen and Nitrogen containing molecules bearing Benzodioxal Heterocycles

PI: Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman

HEC Chemistry 5.3176 26-06-2013 Submitted to HEC for approval
Total Rs.363.1326&



Please click here for detail of the GCU Faculty Publications.

Sr. No Faculty Male Female Total
1 Faculty of Languages, Islamic and Oriental Learning 203 12 215
2 Faculty of Science and Technology 1202 81 1283
3 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 112 53 165
Total 1517 146 1663
Sr. No Faculty Male
1 Faculty of Languages, Islamic and Oriental Learning 0
2 Faculty of Science and Technology 78
3 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 29
Total 107

Muhammad Usman
Business incubation Centre

Rukhsana Rashid
Assistant Director

Shamsa Kanwal
Assistant Director

Rukhsana Rashid
Assistant Director


Engineering students from different universities Thursday put on display their indigenous smart devices for patients and autonomous robots at the Inter-University Project Exhibition (IUPEX 2020).

The one-day exhibition was held here at the Government College University Lahore under the auspices of its Electrical Engineering Department and Office Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC).

About 22 smart devices were put on display which included robotic glove for rehabilitation of patients, QR code-based medicine vending machine, indigenous portable ECG machine, wireless power transfer system, hybrid electric motorcycle, library security system, Wifi multipurpose autonomous drone and voice controlled wheel chair for the disabled.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi said that creativity, innovation and technology development were the key to the economic prosperity of Pakistan. He appreciated that these students had worked very hard on their projects and also focused to make them cost effective.

The Vice Chancellor announced that GCU would establish civil and chemical engineering departments at its new campus soon to further strengthen its engineering faculty. He also guided the students in detail about the further research on their projects.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Sabahat Rafiq also visited the exhibition and announced a donation of $5000 to the GCU Lahore for promotion of innovation culture among youth.

ORIC Director Dr. Junaid Zafar said IUPEX 2020 was not only aimed at providing opportunities to students of different universities to exhibit their innovate work to companies but also it educated and motivated other students to come up with more innovative ideas and technologies. He said that more than 100 students submitted projects, out of which only 22 projects were displayed.

Different companies and funding agencies were also invited to IUPEX 2020 to witness and fund the projects.

The Government College University Lahore has established the Business Incubation Center (BIC) with a cost of Rs. 16.42 million to promote self-employment among youth. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah inaugurated the Center on Wednesday which would provide basic infrastructure and allied facilities for researchers and young entrepreneurs who are interested in developing early-stage business ventures.

Speaking on the occasion, Distinguished National Professor Dr Ikram ul Haq said that out of the total cost, Rs 10.91 million were being funded by the Higher Education Commission over the period of two years. However, he said that this was initial funding while the business incubator’s basic goal was to produce successful firms that would leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

Talking to media, Vice Chancellor Prof Shah said that the business incubator was an independent setup which would support new and startup ideas by the students in their initial development stage by providing an array of targeted resources and services. He added that these services would be developed or arranged by the business incubator and offered by it directly or through its network of contacts.

The VC hoped that BIC would soon start contributing to economic growth by employment generation and creation of small and medium start-up companies.

GCU Registrar Mr. Saboor Ahmed Khan, Director Incubation Center Muhammad Usman and other senior faculty members of the university also attended the inauguration ceremony.

The Higher Education Commission bestowed the prestigious position of “Distinguished National Professor” upon the eminent biologist Prof Dr Ikram ul Haq in recognition of his invaluable services and research in the fields of botany and biotechnology.  Prof Haq, who presently is Professor Emeritus at the Government College University Lahore, did his post doctorate from the Cornell University, New York, US, as a fulbright scholar and has over 300 national and international publications along with five books to his credit.  Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and senior faculty of GCU congratulated Prof Dr Ikramul Haq on his appointment the prestigious position, saying that he was the first from GCU to be appointed on this prestigious position initiated last year by the HEC.  According to a spokesman of GCU, the appointment was made initially for a period of two years. However, it is renewable. Prof Ikramul Haq is also a recipient of Sitara-i-Imtaiz and three international awards including the ISESCO Science and Technology Award 2016. He was declared the most productive scientist of Pakistan more than thrice in the last decade. He was also the founder director of the Institute of Industrial Biotechnology at GCU, and also served as dean Faculty of Science and Technology at GCU.

Speakers at the inauguration of the workshop on “Project Formulation” at the Government College University Lahore said that designing a science project is an art which scientists have to learn especially for winning funding. “Around 70 percent of projects submitted to the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) for funding are technically weak, and most of scientists even failed to justify the prime objectives of their research,” they said. The two-day workshop was organised by the university’s Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (GCU-ORIC) in collaboration with the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) for training and capacity building of the young faculty members. In his key note address, PSF Chairman Prof Dr Muhammad Asharf called upon the faculty members to focus more on applied research, saying that “only 36 percent of their funding is available for the basic research while remaining is dedicated to the applied research.” He said they were writing to the vice chancellors of all universities to motivate their faculty towards research.

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah called upon the PSF to also fund consider social sciences project, saying that “they may not require as much funding as needed for the experimental sciences.”

GCU Director Quality Enhancement Ms Iram Sohail said about thirty faculty members of GCU were participating in the two-day workshop which was designed to train them about the techniques of project formulation including conceptualization, analysing feasibility, cost-effectiveness and risks, defining benefits and expectations and designing project schedule. GCU ORIC Director Prof Dr Ikram ul Haq and PSF resource person Prof Dr Shafiq-ur-Rehman also spoke.

Economic Cooperation Organization Science Foundation (ECOSF) President Prof Dr Manzoor Hussian Soomro visited the Government College University Lahore on the invitation of the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (GCU ORIC) and addressed the university faculty members on the topic of Science and Technology based Economic Development and Cooperation in the Region. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah, ORIC Director Prof (Emeritus) Dr Ikram-ul-Haq, Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms Iram Sohail, academic heads and a large number of faculty members attended the lecture by the eminent scientist who had also previously served as the Chief Scientific Officer of the Pakistan Science Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Soomro briefed the university faculty members about the overall goal of the ECO, saying that youth are the future of the world; thus mobilizing and promoting youth engagement in science, technology and education for economic development and peace within the ECO region and beyond, is and remains the priority of ECOSF. He also shared with the audience the process of ECOSF funding for the science projects.

Later, the ECOSF President held meetings with the Vice Chancellor, Director ORIC and Physics Department Chairperson and discussed matters of mutual interest.