Management Studies


Management Studies Department (MSD) is one of the top providers of management education in the country. MSD at G.C. University is a major research-led department offering postgraduate and post-experience programmes.

Situated in the heart of beautiful and vibrant city of Lahore, the MSD offers a unique opportunity to study and develop at one of the leading Universities. Management Studies Department offers degree programmes at Postgraduate level. The reputation of the department is reflected in the keen competition for places on its programmes from students. Entry standards are demanding and successful candidates are of high caliber. The quality of our programmes of study, and the regard in which our graduates are held, has been recognized by many prospective employers.

If you are interested in studying at G.C. University’s Management Studies Department, the following pages will provide you with information about the degree schemes which are available.

The Official website of Department Of Management Science can be access by Following link: