How To Apply?

How To Apply?


General Admission Regulations

  1. Admission is granted strictly on merit in accordance with the Rules and Regulations as well as the general Policy and Procedures of the University.
  2. University reserves the right to reject the incomplete applications for admission without intimation to the applicant.
  3. University reserves the right to cancel the admission or refuse migration to a candidate, at any stage, after the admission or migration, when it comes to their knowledge that the documents presented by him are fake or there is a misstatement or an error in the documents which may effect his merit.

Entrance Requirements

  1. Only those candidates who have passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination in the 2nd Annual 2014 and onward with at least 60% marks will be eligible to apply for admission. An affidavit shall have to be attached to this effect that the candidate has not taken admission in any institution/college.
  2. Applicants who have passed SSC (Tech) shall not be eligible for admission.
  3. Only eligible candidates will be called for interview on prescribed schedule.

Admission Procedures

Admission Forms:

Application for admission may be submitted to online to GCU Website and hard copy must reach to the admission office of the GC University Lahore within the prescribed time notified by the University. No Admission Form shall be accepted after the expiry of the last date for submission of Admission Forms except with the special permission of the Vice Chancellor.

Sports & Co-curricular Activities:

The candidates seeking admission on Sports/Co-curricular Activities/Special Categories basis shall submit a Sports Form/Co-curricular Activities Form/ Special Categories Form, as the case may be, along with the general Application Form to the authorized bank. All Forms are attached with the prospectus. The list of the candidates eligible for interview will be displayed on the University Notice Board and GCU Website.

Interview/Documents Verification:

The candidate has to bring his father/guardian at the time of interview. The candidate, who remains absent from the interview will forfeit his right to admission, however, with the permission of the Vice Chancellor, he may be allowed to appear for interview provided he proves that due to unavoidable circumstances he could not appear in the interview, and provided if there is a seat available.

Admission Offer:

After the completion of all formalities pertaining to admission, the list of the selected candidates shall be displayed on the University Notice Board and GCU website as well.

Deposit of Fee:

The candidates who fail to deposit their dues within due date will forfeit their right to admission.

Reserved Seats

Sports/Co-curricular and Special Category certificates will not be accepted after the last date for the submission of the Admission Form. The candidates for admission on Sports/Co-curricular and Special Category basis shall have to take part in trials/tests of their respective Sports/Co-curricular Activities as per schedule of trials and tests. The students applying for admission on the basis of Sports and Co-curricular Activities shall have to submit along with the Admission Form an affidavit to the effect that they shall take part in Sports Events/Co-curricular Activities on behalf of the University. They will also have to practice regularly at the University, otherwise their admission will be cancelled.


Sportsmen are admitted to GCU on the basis of performance in sports.

  • The sportsmen of individual games can be considered for science subjects.
  • The sportsmen of team games shall only be offered to the candidates in the subjects of General Science, Arts and Commerce Group.

The candidates applying for Science subjects may be considered for games mentioned in the following table:

List of Individual/Team Games

Athletics Squash
Badminton Swimming
Boxing Table Tennis
Bodybuilding Tennis
Gymnastics Weightlifting
Rowing Wrestling
Basketball Handball
Cricket Hockey
Football Volleyball
  • Attested copies of sports certificates must be attached with the form. No sports certificate will be accepted after the due date for submission of the Admission Form.
  • The candidates desirous for admission on sports basis, will not be allowed to represent, or play for, or seek employment in any Government! Semi – Government or Private Institution / Club, such as WAPDA, Pakistan Railways, Police, etc. However, at the district, provincial or national level they may be allowed to participate, subject to the permission from Director Sports. An affidavit shall have to be attached to this effect by the candidate along with application for admission. Those who violate these regulations will be expelled from the University.
  • Result awaiting candidates of O’ Level / Equivalent / SSC with RL (Result Later on) may be granted provisional admission on sports basis; however the candidates have to appear in sports trials. Their admissions will be confirmed after submission of requisite results and equivalent certificate issued by Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).
  • Candidates have to appear for trials according to the schedule issued by the sports office. The candidates recommended by the Sports Board will be called for interview on the scheduled dates. Selection of the Sports Board or Committee is not challengeable in any court. The candidates who remain absent or fail in trials / interview shall have no claim to admission.
  • On recommendations of the Director Sports, the Vice Chancellor may award scholarship/grant full dues concession/fee concession on account of outstanding performance in sports.
  • Sportsmen are required to actively participate in sports activity and follow the rules and regulations of the University strictly. In case of indiscipline or violation, they shall be expelled from the University.
  • On recommendation of the Director Sports, sportsmen participating in sports events can be given relaxation attendance / examinations by the Vice Chancellor. Non-participant sportsmen or in case of no sports activity, all sportsmen are bound to attend regular classes/examinations accordingly.
  • The Sports Board is authorized to make specific changes in number of seats for each sport/game within the total number of allocated seats.

Co-curricular Activities

Following is the list of Co-curricular Activities for admission to FA/FSc/ICom:

a. Drama b. English Debate
c. Urdu Debate d. Punjabi Debate
e. Qirat/ Naat f. Rovers (Scouting)
g. Music


1. Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas

2. Disability


4. Fine Arts

5. Foreign Students

6. Hafiz-e-Quran

7. Kinship

8. O’Level/Equivalent

9. Overseas Pakistanis

10. Provinces other than Punjab

11. Minorities

12. Migration

1. Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas

  1. The candidates from Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Northern Areas shall submit their Admission Forms against the reserved seats through the DCO of the concerned District/Secretary Nomination Board, Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad / Secretary Nomination Board, Northern Areas as the case may be.
  2. Applications of only those candidates will be entertained, who have passed their SSC Examinations from a school situated in the respective area.

2. Disability

There is no age limit for special/disable candidates. The disabled candidates shall attach with their Admission Forms the “Disability Certificate” obtained from District Disability Board or the District Assessing Board. The candidate must write – “Special Candidate” in the space provided at the top (right corner) of the Admission Forms.


  1. The candidates from FATA have to route their applications through States and FR Division, Islamabad within due date.
  2. Only those candidates who have passed their SSC Examinations from a school situated in FATA shall be eligible to apply against these seats.

4. Fine Arts

The candidates applying for reserved seats for Fine Arts must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Minimum requirement for admission to Fine Arts subject is 45% marks in SSC Examinations.
  2. Admission test based on drawing ability is compulsory. The students admitted on open merit cannot opt for Fine Arts without taking the test.
  3. The students selected thus shall have to take the subject combination with Fine Arts as are offered by the University.

5. Foreign Students

  1. The candidates from foreign countries have to route their application for admission through the Federal Ministry of Education, Islamabad, Pakistan, within due date.
  2. The candidate shall have to pay dues in US Dollars. The Admission Forms directly submitted to the University’s Admission Office shall not be considered.

6. Hafiz-e-Quran

The candidates applying for admission on basis of Hafiz-e-Quran have to:

  1. Submit a certificate from a registered Madrassa from where he has completed his Hifz-e-Quran.
  2. Pass the oral test to be given to him before admission.
  3. 20 marks will be added to the marks obtained by him in the SSC/O’level/equivalent Examination to determine his merit for admission.

7. Kinship

  1. Seats shall be reserved for the candidates whose close relatives are at the time of admission studying in the University or have been the students of this institution. The allocation of seats for different groups shall be determined by the Admission Committee.
  2. Kinship list would include only on the following:

Parents, Grandparents (both paternal and maternal), Real brothers and sisters.

  1. Each candidate shall have to produce documentary evidence to this effect.
  2. Admission on kinship basis will be according to the following procedure:

a) Marks will be awarded to the candidates according to the following formula for admission on kinship basis:

Relation Marks Relation Marks
Grand Father 5 Father 5
Grand Mother 5 Mother 5
Brother 3 Sister 3

b) The marks obtained in the SSC/O’level/equivalent Examinations will be converted into decimals and the merit will be determined by adding to these, the marks awarded on kinship basis (Maximum 10) and marks obtained by the candidate in the interview. For example, a candidate who has obtained 693 marks in SSC and is awarded 5 marks in interview (out of 10) and 8 marks for kinship (out of 10), will make the final merit as follows:

69.3 + 5 + 8 = 82.3

8. O’Level/Equivalent

  1. Those who have passed O-Level/ equivalent not from a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan will be given admission on the basis of their performance in O Level/ equivalent examination and the merit of such candidates will be determined amongst themselves after converting their grades of O’Level/equivalent according to the following formula:

Conversion Formula of O’ Level / equivalent grades

A*= 90 marks      A = 85 marks

B =  75 marks      C = 65 marks

D =  55 marks      E = 45 marks

  1. Only those candidates will be eligible for admission who have passed the following five (5) subjects in addition to any other three subjects1. English   2. Pak Studies   3. Islamiyat   4. Urdu   5. Mathematic

    Marks will be calculated for 8 subjects, including English, Pak Studies, Islamiyat, Urdu and Mathematics.

  2. Admission on the basis of O-Level / equivalent will be made provisionally after the declaration of the result of those candidates who have passed O Level/ equivalent examination in the years of admission. Separate advertisement will appear in the National News Papers inviting application forms from such candidates. They shall not submit application forms along with the other candidates applying on the basis of their Board’s Matriculation results.
  1. The admission on O’Level/equivalent basis will be confirmed after the Submission of Equivalence Certificate obtained from the office of: “Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC)”.

9. Overseas Pakistanis

In addition to the seats for admission to the First Year (Intermediate) on merit, a quota of seats is reserved for the Pakistani Expatriates or sons of parents working in a foreign country. The allocation of seats in different groups i.e. medical or non-medical will be made by the Admission Committee

General conditions for admission to the seats reserved for Pakistani Expatriates or sons of parents working in a foreign country shall be the same as laid down for the candidates applying for admission to class XI in this institution on open merit. They must however fulfill the following conditions.

  1. They should have obtained at least 60% marks in SSC/O’level/equivalent Examination.
  2. The admission will be granted on merit as determined amongst the applicants applying on the Overseas Pakistanis reserved seats.
  3. The parents of candidates must be Pakistani Expatriates or their parents must be Pakistanis working/engaged in business in a foreign country. In case, a candidate’s parents are employed abroad, he shall have to submit a certificate to that effect from the employer.
  4. In case, a candidate’s parents are employed abroad, he shall have to submit a certificate to that effect from the employer. In case, candidate’s parents are engaged in business in a foreign country, he shall have to produce a proof of his parent’s business/office as well as resident status attached with the Admission Form.

  5. The applicant has to attach the following with the application form:
  • Four duly attested recent photographs
  • Four attested photocopies of the SSC/O’level/equivalent
  • One attested photocopy of Character Certificate from the institution last attended
  • The proof of employment along with the residential status that the parent of a candidate is employed in a foreign country
  • In case, the parent of a candidate is engaged in a business along with the residential status
  • One attested photocopy of father’s National identity card (CNIC)The candidate shall have to pay dues in US Dollars equivalent to Rs. 110,000/- (one hundred and ten thousand only) at the time of admission in addition to usual dues for classes XI and XII.
  1. In case, an applicant does not deposit the said dues by the due date mentioned in the admission notification, he will forfeit his right of admission.

10. Provinces other than Punjab

  1. The candidates from the provinces other than Punjab have to route their complete Admission Forms for the reserved seats to the University Admission Office through the concerned Provincial Government along with domicile certificate within due date.
  2. Only those candidates who have passed their SSC/equivalent Examinations from a school situated in the concerned province shall be eligible to apply for these seats.

11. Minorities

  1. One percent quota of the total seats is reserved for minorities with the condition that the applicants fulfill the minimum criteria for admission, set for others, religious certificate is to be attached.

12. Migration

Migration to the GCU will only be allowed on the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. Transfer of residence of parents.
  2. The candidate’s marks should not be below the University open merit.
  3. The candidates who have passed their SSC/O’level/equivalent Examination in 2nd Annual 2016 or before are not eligible to apply for migration to GC University Lahore.
  4. The students from the local colleges are not eligible to seek migration to GC University Lahore.
  5. The students migrating from other cities will not be eligible for hostel accommodation.
  6. At the time of migration, full University dues are to be paid by the migrating students.

Courses of Study

  1. Subject combination (set) can only be selected from the sets given in the prospectus. In case, a student selects subjects different than the given subject combination (set) he shall have to change these subjects in accordance with the given sets.
  2. A student who wishes to study English Literature will be required to qualify a written test to prove his ability at the beginning of the Academic Session. In case of failure in the test, the student will have to select another subject. In this connection, he will be required to fill in a declaration form and submit it along with the Admission Form.
  3. Pakistani students will have to study the same syllabus for Urdu compulsory whether they come from English medium or Urdu medium school.
  4. The students who wish to attempt a paper in English in the Board’s Examination, must attempt all papers in English including Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies.
  5. Conversion of admission from one group to another group is allowed on merit subject to the availability of seat in that group.

Compulsory Subjects

  1. Urdu (Foreign students can study Pakistan Culture as an alternate subject).
  2. English
  3. Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat (Non-Muslim students can take Civics in place of Islamiyat)


a.    Foreign students who have passed SSC Examinations from a Board of Secondary Education in Pakistan will have to study Urdu compulsory.

b.     Only those students who have passed their SSC or equivalent examination from a foreign country will be allowed to study Pakistan Culture.


Group Set No. Elective Subjects
Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3
Pre-Medical PM Biology Chemistry Physics
Pre-Engineering  PE Mathematics Chemistry Physics
Computer Science CS Computer Science Mathematics Physics
General Science GS Economics Statistics Mathematics
ICom (Commerce Group) IC Courses of Study for ICOM (Click Here)
Arts (Humanities) H-1 Mathematics Statistics Arabic
H-2 Mathematics Statistics Persian
H-3 Mathematics Statistics Urdu Advance
H-4 Mathematics Statistics English Literature
H-5 Mathematics Statistics French
H-6 Mathematics Statistics Punjabi
H-7 Mathematics Economics Arabic
H-8 Mathematics Economics Persian
H-9 Mathematics Economics Urdu Advanced
H-10 Mathematics Economics English Literature
H-11 Mathematics Economics French
H-12 Mathematics Economics Punjabi
H-13 Mathematics Economics Fine Arts*
H-14 Statistics Philosophy Psychology
H-15 Civics Fine Arts* History of Pakistan
H-16 Statistics Economics Civics
H-17 Geography History of Pakistan* Civics
H-18 History of Pakistan Health & Physical Education Civics
H-19 Islamic Studies Education Arabic
H-20 Islamic Studies Education Persian
H-21 Islamic Studies Education Urdu Advanced
H-22 Islamic Studies Education English Literature
H-23 Islamic Studies Education French
H-24 Islamic Studies Education Punjabi
H-25 History of Muslim India Civics Fine Arts
H-26 History of Muslim India Civics Health & Physical Education
H-27 History of Muslim India Geography Civics
H-28 Islamic Studies Education Health & Physical Education
H-29 Statistics Economics Health & Physical Education
H-30 Mathematics Economics Health & Physical Education
H-31 Geography Education Health & Physical Education
H-32 Islamic Studies Arabic Health & Physical Education
H-33 Islamic Studies Persian Health & Physical Education
H-34 Islamic Studies Urdu Advance Health & Physical Education
H-35 Islamic Studies English Literature Health & Physical Education
H-36 Islamic Studies French Health & Physical Education
H-37 Islamic Studies Punjabi Health & Physical Education
H-38 Psychology Philosophy Statistics
H-39 Psychology Economics Education
H-40 Psychology Economics History of  Muslim India
H-41 Psychology Economics History of Pakistan
H-42 Psychology Fine Arts History of Muslim India
H-43 Psychology Fine Arts History of Pakistan
H-44 Geography Statistics Economics
H-45 Geography Economics Civic
H-46 Geography Psychology Health & Physical Education

* Enrolment in the Subject of English Literature/Fine Arts is possible on the basis of entry test offered by the respective department. Students are advised to contact the Department.

 (Commerce Group)

The following subjects are to be taught in the Academic Year 2018-2020:

ICom Part I ICom Part II
Urdu Urdu
English English
Islamic Studies Pakistan Studies
Principles of Accounting Principles of Accounting
Principles of Economics Commercial Geography
Principles of Commerce Banking
Business Mathematics Business Statistics


Change of Subjects

  1. The set/group of subjects once selected in accordance with the given sets can only be changed within a specified period of time as notified by the University.
  2. The dates for change of subjects shall be notified after the University admissions have been finalized. Change of subjects shall not be allowed after the expiry of the notified period.
  3. The choice of subjects should be in accordance with the given sets.


Specified scholarships of University, Government and Local Bodies will be available to the University students. The deserving Muslim students will be granted stipends from Provincial Bait-ul-Mal. The interested students should get an eligibility certificate from the Local Zakat Committee of the Area and submit the application to the Punjab Bait-ul-Mal Office after getting it attested by the Registrar’s Office.

Golden Scholarships

The Golden Scholarships are donated by the following individuals and organizations:

Donors of Golden Scholarship Numbers
HBL Foundation 10
Mr. Khawar Masud Butt 10
Bank Al Habib Limited 6
Zohra and Z. Z. Ahmed Foundation 5
Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry 4
Allied Bank Ltd. 3
Iqbal Z. Ahmad 2
Dr. Khalid Iqbal (PEP) 2
Warid Telecom 2
Abdul Waheed Malik 2
Mian Asad Bashir 2
Syed Amjad Ali 1
Infaq Foundation 2
Mr. Saeed Ul Hassan (I) 1
Sardar Begum & Sheikh Gulam Muhammad 1
Alhajan Iqbal Begum & Alhaj Meraj din Memorial 1
Dr. Farooq Ahmed 1
Malik Muhammad shafi 1
Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad 1
Nisar Aslam 1
Iqbal Mirza 1
Hi-Tech Lubricants Ltd 1
Rubab and Dabeer Razvi 1
Mian Ghulam Qadir 1
Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah 1
Mrs. Nazir Begum 1
Mr. & Mrs. N. A. Razvi 1
Alia Khizar 1
Mohammad Bashir Ahmed 1
Mrs. Sughran Bashir 1
Dr. Zahir Ahmaed Siddiqui 1
Tahir Azam 1
Mr. & Mrs. Zia Haider Rizvi 1
Dr. Nusrat Jahan 1
Begum & Talib Rizvi 1
Basit Hassan 1
Molvi shafique Ahmed siddiqui 1
Al Baraka Bank Ltd. 1
Mustafa Mohyuddin Syed 1
Prof. Muhammad Iqbal 1
Dr. Musaddiq Asif 1
Mr. Farooq Haider Durrani 1
Sheraz Bashir 1
Dr. Farouq & Mrs Shahnaz Ahmed 1
Nazir Abdullah 1

Silver Scholarships

The Silver Scholarships are donated by the following individuals and organizations:

Donors of Silver Scholarship Numbers
GCU Welfare Society 4
Khawar M. Butt 3
Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry 3
Mr. Altaf Khan 2
Sajjad and Iftikhar Memorial Foundation 2
Justice Shahid Anwar Bajwa 2
Mr. Tahir Azam 2
R. A. Khan 1
Zohra and Z. Z. Ahmed Foundation  1
Ashar Nazir 1
Mian Muhammad Ashraf 1
Mian Fazal Muhammad 1
Nadeem Nonari 1
Mian Muhamamd Ramzan Nonari 1
Dr. Khalid Aftab 1
Hamza Safi 1
Hadayat Ullah Sufi (Late) 1
Sikander M. Khan 1
Begum and Habib Ullah Oberoi 1
Javed Habib Oberoi 1
Begum and Nawab Oberoi 1
Rehmat Ullah Oberoi 1
Anjum Javed Oberoi 1
Zia Haider Rizvi 1
Sheikh Muhammad Anwar 1
Mumtaz Begum 1
Tariq Baig 1
The Crescent Textile Mills Limited 1
Mohtarma Saeeda Khanum 1
Mian saeed Anwer Muzaffar 1
Dr. Aasim Hameed Chaudhry 1
Mian Abdul Qadir Muzaffar 1
Maj & Mrs. S. A. Qayum 1
Omer Habib Oberoi 1
Salman Taseer 1
Razia Begum 1
Syed Murid Hussain Shah & Hameeda Bano 1
Ms. Samina Amjad 1
Sheikh Mohtram Ali 1
Shaikh Nazir Ahmed 1
Mian Misbah ur Rehman 1
Brig. (r) Muhammad Jamal 1
Miss Sonia Qadir 1
Prof. A. R. Zafar & Farida Rehman 1
Professor Altaf & Rasool 1
Mohammad Bashir Malik 1
Ghulam Aisha Malik 1
Ms. Mahnaz Khawaj 1
Fayyaz Ahmed Qureshi 1
Muhammad Amin ul Qadir 1
Saeed Ahmad Buksh 1
Dr. Hassa Askari Rizvi 1
Ms. Nargis Habib Oberoi 1
Iqtidar & Shazia 1
Mrs. Abdul Qadir Muzaffar 1


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Phone: +92-42-99213340

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