Established in 2020, Government College University Press aims to publish academic monographs, scientific journals, and university magazines on emerging discourses in the disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. GCU Press plays a pivotal role in the distribution of cutting-edge scientific research and dissemination of knowledge and truth – a central purpose of GC University ever since its inception in 1864. GCU Press, since its inception, has been committed and entrusted with a number of collaborations that help shape the world of ideas and learning. Working with collaborators and team members from across the globe, we value the passion, novelty, and aspiration with which a book, monograph, or article is produced. Whilst believing in the power of knowledge, we believe the imagination and courage of our authors should be globalized with the same integrity with which a book is produced, written, and imagined.

Mission & Vision

GCU Press is an essential partner for the wide circulation of ideas, scientific research, and texts produced by the fraternity of GC University and community of international scholars and researchers. Our publications aim at furthering scholarly investigations & interdisciplinary inquiries, widening of readership & learning opportunities, thus, enhancing inter-cultural debates and discussions.



Academic Monographs

At GCU Press, we consider monographs as one of the most reliable and valuable modes of scholarly communication, specifically in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Being fully aware of the transforming nature of the monograph in this digital era, GCU Press aims to follow and utilize the most contemporary and up-to-date modes of publication. Hence, GCU Press takes a keen interest in consultations regarding the changing nature of the monographs in the context of digital expansions and ever evolving and emerging publication models.

Academic Journals

GCU Press hosts a wide range of journals to disseminate knowledge and research beyond academia. The editorial committees, review committees, and editorial teams are comprised of highly accomplished and internationally renowned scholars from a number of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary research institutions. GCU Press offers a wide range of services like copy-editing, access to an online journal system, and indexing its publications in international databases like JSTOR, MCDI, MUSE, Science Direct, etc.

 The Historian Volumes   >>                       The Historian, Vol 17 Winter, 2019                             The Historian Summer Vol 17 2019

                                                                        The Historian, Vol 18 Winter, 2020                             The Historian Summer Vol 18 2020

Kawish                                >>                        Complete Kawish Vol. 24                                            Complete Kawish Vol. 25

Sulaikh                                >>                        Complete  Vol.   02

PJSCP                              >>                             Volume 17 Issue no 2                                                 Volume 18 Issue no 1

                                                                         Volume 18 Issue no 2    

Explorations                      >>                      Explorations 2017



Innovations is a biannual magazine of GC University, Lahore featuring local initiatives and innovative research ideas of the GCU fraternity. The magazine highlights and encourages innovations taking place inside and outside the campus. GCU Press, through Innovations, not only establishes a platform for the knowledge exchange in the realm of global innovation but also integrates GCU’s Research Innovation and Commercialisation with the National Innovation System and Global Knowledge Economy.

GC Quarterly:

Prospectus :

GC University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Pakistan. Every year, thousands of applicants from here and abroad apply for admission in various departments of the university. GCU Prospectus carries a detailed description of all the departments, facilities, and courses offered. Also, much sought-after information such as admission process, accommodation, life at the campus, etc. is available in the prospectus.